It’s easier for me to put a ton of photos and words here on the blog, make sure you read about something before you bid!

Red Check Mistreatments bid here

I’m guessing these are a cotton blend and I have 6 panels each about 95 inches  long.  One side of each panel has hot glued on bead and pom pom fringe.  The fringe stops a few inches from the top because I’ve always used the fold and poof method to hang these with clip rings.  The picture above has two panels on each side of the window.

I used these for 6? years.  They have held up really well and might have a few stains on them but nothing that I remember noticing.

Remember, these are window mistreatments, not sewn drapes.  The edges are raw and they are not lined.  And no one ever cared because they looked great.

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Gold and Creme Silk Buffalo Check Mistreatments :: bid here

This silk fabric came from Hobby Lobby.  Originally $30 a yard, I think I bought it when it was on sale.

This is very raw material, not in the most wonderful shape.  But it’s silk, and pretty. I have  6  panels {more like strips of fabric} that are about 108 inches long {maybe a little shorter} and 54 inches wide.  4 panels are in pretty good condition with maybe a little stain that can be handwashed out one has a rip on the side.  2 panels are in rough shape one has lots of stains and one has a line of hot glue down the middle.  Someone determined, patient and crafty could probably work out 6 panels from it, most people could get 4 panels.  There are also 4 smaller pieces of the silk.  2 are basically one 108ish panel cut longways down the middle for 2 skinny strips {one has stains at one end}.  2 are just big scraps that could be used for toppers or pillows.

The uses are endless.

They look pretty with the sun shining through.  These are the items I’m listing that’s in the worst shape.  I was very hesitant to list them because of the fact that when silk is wrinkled and with raw edges it can look really bad.  Not to mention that there are some stains and a rip and some hot glue.  There are workable parts but it’s extremely imperfect.

3 “panels” one has blue fringe down the side, it’s the same one with hot glue down the middle crease

3 more panels? but there are only 5 panels and one ripped panel so I think one of these is a repeat of above

Here’s a close up of a stain, I’m guessing you could hand was most of the stains out.  I was too lazy to ever care.

ripped panel :[  if you stitched it no one would notice it.  I never cared.

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Buffalo Check Table Topper :: bid here

Looks great over any round table, you can put any kind of fabric underneath it.

It’s backed with a thick floral pattern and piped with heavy piping in gold.

Still in great shape, imperfect but good enough sewed by me.   54 x 52 inches to bid, click here


Gold Dot Topper:: Bid here

This gold and off white dot table topper is also for sale.  I made it and didn’t think to use the back and put another fabric so it’s one sided.  It’s piped with red check fabric.  Looks great with the red check mistreatments.  A few faint stains, totally easy to hide. 49″ x 49″.


Bedroom stuff

Listed from this room is the duvet cover, bed skirt, table topper and fabric for the long drapes.

Reversible Table Topper 3:: bid here

I made this table topper out of the same fabric as the bed comforter cover thing and window mistreatments.  It’s Garden Toile by Braemore, the other side is a BEAUTIFUL rich robin’s egg blue silk with french knots.  It’s the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased at $45/yd.  Since only needed a yard and a half I splurged on it.

The edges are piped in the coordinating silk from the bedskirt.  This is one of the nicest pieces I’m selling.  But, it’s not sewed perfectly.  But for my skilz it’s nice.  It’s 49×49 inches.

The nice thing is, you can put any large piece of scrap fabric/curtains, burlap underneath as a table cloth, and then top it with this topper and it looks really put together.

There is one knot that has come unraveled.

There are a couple of tiny watermarks, this is the biggest and it’s less than an inch.  They are easy to hide or overlook.

One time I dropped some chocolate from a hot fudge sundae onto the other side.  And another time a few drops of candle wax spilled onto it.  I’ve never cared to try to get them out.  Want to bid?  Click here.

Duvet Cover :: Bid here

Next the duvet cover thing that I made to cover our old comforter.  I actually took my time sewing this and it’s been washed and has held up great.  It’s a queen size and the fabric is by Braemore, Garden Toile in aqua. The picture above is not a good example of the color.

Here’s more of the fabric below, in the window mistreatments. To bid on the duvet cover, click here.

Window Mistreatments AKA pieces of pretty fabric :: Bid here

If you like these window mistreatments then please buy them.  I made these from scraps leftover from the bedding stuff.  No sewing, just hot glue.  And I’ve taken one panel apart {so it is in 2 pieces, the fringe is still attached to the toile fabric} but it can easily be put back together.  There’s enough supplies for two 94 inch mistreatments.   There are raw edges.  But, with some hot glue you can easily have two pretty mistreatments.

The topper fabric isn’t included, just fabric for the panels.  Click here to bid on the panel fabric.

Plaid Bedskirt {see it up above in the photo?} :: bid here

This plaid bed skirt is a mistreated skirt.  I had a crazy chocolate brown bed skirt that was too short so, I bought an embarrassing amount of plaid silk and gathered it, hemmed it, and sewed it straight to the chocolate brown skirt.

This is the piece out of all of these that I am the most attached to.  But, I want a different kind of bed for our room that doesn’t need a skirt.  So I want it to go to a good home.  It’s really a beautiful FULL skirt. I spent a couple of hundred dollars on the silk, back when I had a paying design job.

It has a 26 inch drop, if you don’t need that much you just tuck/stuff the top under the mattress so it just hits the floor.

There are two parts where the stitching has come apart. One place is about 18 inches long, the other is about 9 inches long.  It never was a big deal enough for me to care to fix, I just tucked it back up under the mattress and no one ever knew.  If you wanted to fix it with your sewing machine, it would probably take about 4 minutes total.  Or you could hot glue it.  Click here to bid on the skirt.

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