Time to Get Cozy


Have you ever been overwhelmed by your house?

Maybe you’re waiting for the next house to finally settle in and make things the way you’ve always dreamed.

In the next house, you’ll have people over, paint that feature wall or use that wallpaper you keep pinning on Pinterest.

Maybe your home is full of stuff, but it doesn’t feel right.

You want to declutter, but it feels like the house should be in a better place so you can truly decide what to keep and what to get rid of. UGH.

Two years ago I declared myself a Cozy Minimalist.

I had a bunch of cute decor but I still couldn’t figure out why in the world my house didn’t look like I hoped.

I was doing everything all wrong.

I finally decided that I was tired of collecting a cute hoard of decorative stuff from Target and the Goodwill and I faced my design issues head on. Y’all it changed everything. I made myself follow logical steps in every room that I knew worked, I had just gotten lazy. I wouldn’t let myself cheat and hang art before I knew that the sofa was in the best place possible. Multiply that by 100 other things that had a natural order that made decorating a room a logical process and it’s easy to see how I lost my way.

Now my house looks the way I always imagined. It’s cozy, it’s simple and it’s finally the style that I love.

I wanted to share the cozy way so I created a decorating class with four one hour videos with hundreds of cute & funny slides & me talking you though the exact order to approach any room. Thousands of women have taken the course and their home is better for it.

I normally open up the Cozy Decorating Class two or three times a year for $39. With that you get invited to our private facebook page to ask questions and get encouragement from the group. You go through the class at your own pace and you’ll have access until the internet dies…

Thru midnight MONDAY May 1st, the Cozy Minimalist Decorating class is part of the Homemakers Bundle–basically it’s a bunch of incredible resources that are bundled together all for one price of $29.

Yep, less that what I usually sell the class for. And, if you purchase the bundle through my link, you get a bonus–the Cozy Minimalist Organizing class for Moms! Just email me at: homebundlebonus@gmail.com to get access to the bonus.

BOTH of the Cozy classes PLUS 105 other home resources all for $29!

Want to learn more? Click here, I’ll meet you there with a little video.