Undecorate : A 10 Minute Reset for your Home

Without fail, every March my house starts to feel tired and uninspired. One trick I use to get my house in the mood for spring is to simply UNDECORATE it. It’s a quick 10 minute commitment that helps rejuvenate how my house looks and feels. Unlike quieting a room (one of our Cozy Minimalist steps) […]

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The {Cozy} Minimal List // Weekend Links #87

One entry 5 ways // Juniper Spring at Magnolia / Magnolia Front porch makeover at the duplex // Young House Love Grilled Chicken Shawarma Hummus Bowls // Plays well with butter {thanks to Kendra for the heads up on this one} I’m looking forward to the new show coming on HGTV , March 19th at […]

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How to Decorate A House You Don’t Love

I know there’s a good chance you don’t love everything about your home. Sometimes, when I look at all that still needs to be done in our fixer upper, even after fixing her up for over 5 years, I feel like we made a HUGE mistake in ever thinking we could finish this house.   […]

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The {Cozy} Minimal List

I love this mushroom colored painted piano from House of Soss Saving for a home? You might enjoy this downpayment goal tracker. It’s a free download from Rachel Cruz (link is under the video). In case you missed it: How to make decorating decisions that count. There’s still room in our white barn for your […]

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How to Make Decorating Decisions that Count

Have you ever wished you had a stylish best friend, bossy big sister, or a like-minded next door neighbor who could help you with all your decorating decisions? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just snap a photo of your family room and send it to her for advice, knowing that she’ll point you […]

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Does Your House Need Lotion?

You know how by February if you aren’t constantly putting on lotion, your skin is dull and dry and lifeless and wondering if summer is an urban legend? Our homes are the same way. The air is dry. The winter sun that shines in the house is sharp and after the Christmas greenery is gone […]

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