Dear Overwhelmed, Creative Maker


  I believe there’s one thing that sets apart makers and non makers. It’s not creativity, hustle, risk, or gumption or any type of special gift. It’s the willingness to say No to really good things, in order to say a few well placed Yeses.   Say No to as many good things that you […]

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Save the Date :: The Nest Fest!!

Nest Fest!

  One of the dreams I had when we moved out here to this property involved banjo music, food trucks, a white barn full of comfy seats and lots of amazing, talented creative vendors with handmade, vintage, and lovely things for your home and life. And this dream is finally coming true!!! We are hosting […]

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Lessons from A Neglected Bedroom :: A Giveaway


  This INTJ is the kind of girl who, in the past, might roll her eye at the #appreciateyourself movement, but the truth is, that’s exactly the attitude that got me sleeping in a room tripping over an old 1980s TV. Artist, Author and Lady Boss, Kathy Davis has one of the best taglines around:: […]

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Where to Shop for Furniture & Decor Without Wasting All Your Time & Money

round table

Creating a beautiful home starts in your head, not in the furniture store. With any project, you don’t begin by focusing on what you need; you being by recognizing what you already have. I wasted years in our early homes fretting over what I didn’t have, and it blinded me to what was right in […]

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18 Summers

18 summers

We get 18 Summers before they move on. I’ve been counting them for the last five years. Our oldest graduates from High School this Friday. We had 18 summers. He has three more summers at home with us. And our youngest has four more summers. Sure, there will still be summers, I know that. But […]

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I’m On The Beauty Hunt (Again!)

second hand

second-hand chairs Over the past few years I’ve been so focused on fixing up a fixer upper and doing my actual work, that I stopped frequenting thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales and second-hand shops. I didn’t really need to shop–we downsized to a smaller house and when your ceiling is half-finished it’s not as […]

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