My Prettier Oil Diffuser


Listen, I’m not gonna pretend that I know a bunch of stuff about essential oils. And I’m certainly not going to try to sell oils to you. There are smart people that can do better at both of those things. Take them or leave them, I don’t care, this is simply my diffusing story…   […]

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Weekend Links: Creativity Issue

balloon arch

I’ve shared balloon arches and garlands before, but I’m considering creating one soon and found this beauty above from Green Wedding Shoes. And, here’s a great video tutorial from the person I consider to be the one who started the whole arch craze, House That Lars Built.Looking for a simple project for a fall celebration? […]

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Fall Home Tour :: Cozy Minimalist Style


Welcome to our home! It’s ready for fall which means 3 pumpkins + extra weeds + a great excuse to leave a bunch of throws around! I try to join this tour every year hosted by Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co., and if you are coming from Design POST interiors, welcome! How about […]

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Favorite Places to Shop in & Around Charlotte, NC

nest fest

  From time to time people visiting the Charlotte area tweet, facebook or email me and ask for my favorite–off the radar places to shop for furniture and home decor stuff. I usually try to rattle off a few of my favorites, but now, I finally gathered all the best shopping spots around the Queen […]

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When You Don’t Know Where to Start in a Space

how to decorate find your style

For years I collected pretty things (mostly bargain bought) and set them around, but ignored how our family truly used our home and how I needed our home to serve us both in form and function. When a room felt off or unfinished, I’d put a band-aid on in the shape of a new $20 […]

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The next book on your fall reading list…

fall reading

  If you know my story, you know we are in our 14th home in 21 years of marriage. There was a definite low point in our life where I felt hopeless, our lives were a terrible mess. We were suddenly jobless, living in a friend’s condo rent free after selling the home I never […]

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