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The House that Built Us // Handmade Home Our Bedroom: Before & After // Almost Makes Perfect   DIY Rope Tassel Keychains // Alice & Lois   Happy 6 Months of Silos // Magnolia Market It’s Time to Decide What Matters // The Lazy Genius Collective   We just launched the hope*writers podcast and the […]

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3 Simple Things Every Laundry Room Needs

3 simple things

I heard a phrase that I’ll never forget, one afternoon years ago between the hours of four and five o’clock on a weekday–the Oprah hour. Oprah and Nate were talking about home (my favorite topic on the Oprah show!) specifically, theĀ  front entry, and Nate casually said that when you walk inside “your home should […]

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2 Porch Additions that Made All the Difference


Ahhh, porchiness. I’ve wanted a big porch throughout all of our 14 different homes and this one has the best one ever! A pair of patio doors open up (they both open which is great!) onto the porch and makes our house feel so large on nice days. The only downside to having double doors […]

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What I Wish I Knew Before I Wrote My First Book


  Over the past few years, every month or so, I’d get together with my sister and our dad and we’d record a podcast. It was a fun, free part of our membership site, hope*ologie. After a year and a half we felt like it was time to re-evaluate. We decided to refocus and last […]

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4 Bags I Use Almost Daily

best bags

Today I wanted to share four of the things I get asked about the most when I’m out and about–my four favorite bags. I’m not the kind of girl who has 15 different hand bags in my closet. I used to be that kind of girl. Then I realized life is complicated enough without remembering […]

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Weekend Links


Before & After: Our New Front Door! // Chris Loves Julia Why It’s Ok If Your Passion Isn’t Your Full-Time Thing Right Now // Darling Magazine Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Flower Arranging // Brit + Co How to Dress Up Store-Bought Cakes with Creative Toppings // Simple Stylings Chore Dates // Reading […]

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