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  Remember Angela of The Cottage? Well her home in Georgia was recently featured on A Beautiful Mess–she’s an artist and a designer who knows what she loves and it seeps out all over her house! Kids can share a bedroom, let’s stop feeling guilty about it–Emily and I shared a room forever, then I […]

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That Free Mrs. Meyer’s Kit :: In their Best Scents EVER


It’s that magical time of year when your house can smell delicious for free! A few times a year we get exclusive access to those luscious Mrs. Meyers seasonal kits through Grove Collaborative and the time is nigh. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s what new Grove Collaborative Customers get with their first […]

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Layerd Rugs 2.0

fall home tour

Three years ago we moved in and I knew better than to go out and buy all new rugs right away. The rugs from our old house didn’t quite fit right, so I layered them to stretch them out and make them work: It was a great temporary fix. Naturally I moved things around constantly […]

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Thrift Store Secrets:: Chairs


green chairs: local antique store $75 each No matter how big or small your house or budget are, you need to have some seating and most homes could use a few more places to sit–especially secondary seating (download my free furniture guide here if you don’t know what I’m talking about). One of my goals […]

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Dear Internet, I had you all wrong


Ten years ago I was afraid of you, Internet. I was sure you were full of people who meant to do me harm. People like Unibombers, kidnappers, scammers and weirdos. I was so wrong, Internet, Today I want to take a moment and thank the you for all of the good things you have brought […]

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Weekend Links


Rugs–hard to shop for but SO wonderful when you find the right one, this jute rug will work in any room and with any style Emily gives an update on using it in her home for FIVE years with FIVE children. Kristin from the Hunted Interior is beyond creative, look at this bathroom shower track […]

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