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This is what my house looked like to me after I saw Oprah the other day. They had the design winners of every day non-design moms who made their home beautiful and were featured in O magazine. Their homes were fantastic. I mean really breathtaking and lovely. Then after it was over I looked around […]

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Do you Grocery Game?

I do. It started harmlessly enough 16 months ago. We really needed to cut down our grocery budget and with four meat-eating, milk-drinking men/boys I needed a plan. I had never cut coupons before, they are for poor people right? SO WRONG! Not only did this grocery game cut my bill by 50% the very […]

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My sister is an ISFP. You know, like the Virgin Mary, and fun people like Lisa Kudrow? My honey is ENFP they put him in the same list as Bill Cosby, Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock – love him already! Me, well I do have the same personality type of someone in the Bible. Thomas. […]

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cheap thrills

This is our room. We hadn’t ever had a nice bedroom in our 13 years of marriage until I decided to do something about it last year. My mother in law came down to teach me to use the sewing machine. She’s a really good sewer-she made my wedding gown. Of course, I am cheap. […]

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my honey

nestingplacenc. Isn’t he cute? Dontcha like his hairdo? He’s had the same haircut for almost exactly 10 years now. Can you imagine that, ladies? I remember when he first had my sister’s boyfriend cut it off. He asked me if I like it and I told him I thought it made him look mean. He […]

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happy fall

Our favorite time of year-I bet it’s yours too!

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