If your kids got an eyeclops for Christmas please do not look at your fingernails.Do not look at your cuticles that you put lotion on all the time.Do not look at the palm of your hand that you just washed.Do not look at your lips.Try not to look at your stretch marks.Don’t look at your […]

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It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Part 2

Last night I was watching whatever channel that is that Jon and Kate plus 8 comes on. Have you seen it? It’s a show where they show the daily life of Jon (not John) and Kate and their 2 twin 6 year olds and their 6 sextuplet 2 year olds. Needless to say it makes […]

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The Wreath…

Yes, it’s the same one. I had to post it again because one, if you clicked on the finished photo to look at it closely it was very blurry, and two, I COULD NOT stand seeing the top photo on my blog all blurry and since I don’t have another post ready ASAP I had […]

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Wait! Don’t pack up that wreath just yet!

I have an empty place over our piano that I filled up with a wreath during the holidays. It’s a pretty wreath with acorns and pine cones. The photo is blurry but, you get the idea. I like to use Christmas wreaths for a base to add on to for every season. Lets see what […]

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Toile Doll

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It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

If you’re like me, you have already taken your tree down and are ready to have a fresh looking nest. I know I always look forward to still having a wintery feel but, I can’t wait to clear out all the garland, extra pillows, tassels and wreaths that fill up my home. Let’s talk about […]

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