Birds of a feather

You all have been busy bees, I mean birds this week. I was so thrilled to see that The Romantic Portuguese Daughter and Emily at Remodeling This Life both decided to mistreat their windows! You go girls! Also, Meredith at Uberjoy {that has fancy dots over the U that I don’t know how to do} […]

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Attention Moochers! Free Tassel!

Welcome! I am so glad that you are here and, I hope my prize is something you want. I hope my prize is better than most people’s prizes. I also hope that your prize is something that I want. For those of you that haven’t heard, you better fly on over to Rocks in My […]

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Window Mistreatment 101 Red Checks Style

The following is an explanation of the fold, clip and poof method of mistreating windows. No windows were harmed during this presentation. I have been dreading this post for about 2 weeks. I know it will take me 2 hours to do this. I think it would just be easier to drive to anyone’s house […]

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Window Mistreatment and Chair Take 2

Not the most inspiring window treatment in the world but, for $10 and 3 minutes, it’ll do.I should be way too ashamed to post pictures of these. If for any reason, you might have thought I had an ounce of class you will now know the truth. But, also know that this house has about […]

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Chair’s All Done

So, what do you think? Ya’ll had such wonderful, ambitious ideas. But, I am LAZY! Here’s a list of all the things I want to do:Paint my son’s queen size sleigh bedPaint my armiour {again, I am gonna copy Meredith and do the inside a contrasting color}Find a place to use some old plantation shuttersHang […]

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Help Me Please

Ya’ll don’t want music do you? You need furniture and fabric and lamps. So let’s get to it! I was so inspired when reading Meredith’s blog, Like Merchant Ships. She is smartly frugal and knows when, where and how to spend money. Well, I saw a chair that she bought second hand for less than […]

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