The ugliest thing in my house

Well, it’s the ugliest thing next to me when I cannot find the icing to my toaster strudel. It’s awful.I trust you not to laugh and reject me because of this abomination. Remember, we are renting. It’s like something Donald Trump would pick out only worse. Cheaper. Like something his tightwad, uglier twin brother Ronald […]

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I bought the top and bottom ones from Nancy’s {her blog} ebay store {her store}. The middle one is from my honey’s grandfather’s house. It’s still my favorite of the batch but, now it’s not so lonely and it they all add to the other’s beauty…doncha think?I like these too. So much for using my […]

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My favorite go to color in the entire universe is… Tobacco Road It’s a discontinued color from DURON but, they can still mix it for you. I even called to make sure because I didn’t want of riot of Tobacco Road deprived cute moms in high heals with paint brushes showing up at my door. […]

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The Best Three Dollars I Have Ever Spent

And the worst Four Hundred.A few years ago I remember going to a neighborhood yard sale with my mom and my sister. It was one of those where you pull into the neighborhood and you just know that you will find treasures. It was the perfect mix of young and old. You know one of […]

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Winner and Buy My Stuff

Look who won…The famous Mommy from The Womble Times was the lucky winner of the tassel and its tack jar companion. I am confident that she will put it to good use. When I went to visit her blog, I was captivated by her wonderful, fun, colorful layered scrapbookstyle blog design. You will love it! […]

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30 Minute Makeover: Pillows

I am all about pillows. I promise, you can’t have too many. Who doesn’t love a fluffy pillow filling the corners of sofas, chairs, beds, and benches? Once I buy a pillow, I will never let it go. But, sometimes, I get tired of the pattern or the color or sometimes my boys spill grape […]

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