speaking of feet

This is completely gross. I’m so sorry but, I just have to show this… I saw the commercial a few minutes ago. The PEDEGG. It’s like a pumice stone only it scrapes your cracked up skin off your feet and then…you get to dump all of the dried skin in your trash. Wow, look how […]

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I feel the need to purge. I really like that I have about 4 faithful readers, thankyouverymuch. I just want to make sure that those who read this blog (that is chock full of my innermost thoughts) are really, truly deeply committed to me. I mean, I don’t just want anyone hanging around here. So, […]

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Every year I give my mother in law the same thing, a picture of her grandchildren. So easy. Yes, there are only a few minor expectations. 1. The photo must contain all five children.2. The photo must contain all five children looking at the camera.3. The photo must contain all five children looking at the […]

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God Blush America

As I was making myself beautiful the other day, I looked down at my blush and it looked… familiar.

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I’ve been searching for this photo


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Not a bird in the sky

Life in the neighborhood has been pretty exciting lately.First, we had a rainbow….Then we had sky writing (my personal favorite)…Then, we had snow…Have you ever seen cattails growing by a pond? We have lots in our neighborhood. Or at least we used to have lots until these mangy kids got a hold of them and […]

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