Day late Dollar short

I have no earthly idea how to do this. There’s a popular, well read blogger who is hosting a Christmas open house. Yesterday. So, I decided to do it, today. I threw in a few fun decorating ideas for those of you who aren’t as creative as moi. Here’s a great one. Hang a Christmas […]

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Don’t worry about them too much. I’m sure I will turn to them in my time of need. Otherwise I would have thrown them away.

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I can always find something to complain about

I hate banks. Why is it when you make a deposit at 2:04 on Friday you can’t touch that money until Tuesday morning after 9:00 am? Of course, any checks I write in those 5 days may or may not clear, it’s anyone’s guess. And the bank lady’s explanation is “ma’am, we present each item […]

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Homicide and such

Look how sweet and gentle he is.Oh, I wonder what he’s up to now. Maybe he’s going to help an old lady cross the street or could it be he’s rushing home to set the table for dinner? Awww. Look what he found, a cute little unassuming lizard. My child is so creative and loves […]

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Love me some Pride

I finally did it. To start at the start, I read my first Jane Austen book this summer. You know the one. Pride and Predjudice. Prejudice. I decided last year that I needed to read some classics so I could pretend to be cultured. Of course, I loved it. Who wouldn’t? In the book, it […]

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speaking of feet

This is completely gross. I’m so sorry but, I just have to show this… I saw the commercial a few minutes ago. The PEDEGG. It’s like a pumice stone only it scrapes your cracked up skin off your feet and then…you get to dump all of the dried skin in your trash. Wow, look how […]

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