Sometimes I just love me

I’m in love with myself. It doesn’t happen very much. But, look how the hutch turned out… Y’all sure did pick the right paper! I loved that black and white damask too and was off to get enough for all three shelves and lo and behold, my Hobby Lobby only had enough for two selves. […]

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Sexy Back

Back of bookcase, cabinet and hutch that is. They want to look pretty too! Here’s my dining room hutch/china cab thingy. Look how sad and bored it is! He is just begging for attention. FYI: this is a case good so its gender is male. Look closer, that’s right, I’ve got a mess of paper […]

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Over the weekend…

I found this for $8.99 at the Goodwill {don’t worry, the gum balls are new, not used} I made this for my honey on V day… I made these for my boys thanks to some inspiration…It’s not very often that I get to use pink!

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Hello World

I’ve missed you all so much. I have been busy over at Mrs. Fussypants’ new online magazine Blissfully Domestic! Yes, that Fussy has done it again! I’m not sure which she has more of, boys or websites! I am one of nine or ten other women who will be writing about everything from health, to […]

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Gimme More

I’m too cheap to buy another rod.You gonna make something of it? My high heels are sharper than yours.These are from Katie at Harrington House. She did a fine job of mistreating these! $he must be rich, $he has rods. $weet!And a few days later she did these too! If you look real close you […]

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V Day Decorating for Dummies

I’m the dummy not you. I have noticed lots of people talking about getting out their Valentine’s Day decorations. Honestly, I thought these people were a little much, I mean, I love to decorate as much as the next chick but for Valentines? Good grief, I just now got my Christmas decorations good and cold […]

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