A Prelude to Christmas

It’s not too early to prepare for the Christmas season. And for me and you, here at Nesting Place, that means prepare your home and any Christmas decor. Every year I try to mix up my decor just a little so it feels fresh and new and fun. Here are my guidelines: Last year I […]

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Bird Watching:: Non Homey Stuff

PW’s Baked Lemon Pasta–I added asparagus and shrimp. It was delish. Five Things Worse Than Being in Debt @ Like Mother, Like Daughter {one of the best articles I’ve read on debt, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all} Getting Things Done at Home @ Simple Mom {I’ve read David Allen’s book and am […]

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Our home is far from a thing of pristine beauty. Every room reflects the season of our life. Ebook writing, early Christmas decorating for a post on Monday, and a muddy yard results in all sorts of messy. I’m not a fussy housekeeper. Sometimes I feel bad–focusing on the lack of order that I allow, […]

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Tassel Tutorial :: Coming Soon!

Get your fringe, ribbon and toppers ready. If my plan works, and I can make it through the horrendous process of writing, photographing, and being disciplined, I’ll soon finish something. It’s an ebook. A tassel how to ebook. And not just any tassel tutorial, it’s the Nester’s Complete, Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, […]

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Do you Handmake?

I’m taking a Christmas gift poll, if you are reading in a reader swing by and check your answer.. Blog Polls PS, did you see that Kimba moved?! Here’s something I “made” for my neighbor when I found out that it was her birthday…meet me at (in)courage to see it.

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Candle Worthy

If you have one dollar to spend on fall decorating, buy a candle at the dollar store or goodwill. If you have $10 to spend on decorating, blow it on candles. Besides having a comfy chair and blanket, candles are the single most comfort inducing mechanisms you can own. You need them, and you need […]

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