Use What You Have Christmas Decor

Hang a simple wreath from your curtain rod with a plethora of colored ribbons and ornaments. Use your leftover trimmings around the house in different containers. Group extra ornaments {I’ve got some broken ones I cannot part with that I pile in an apothecary jar}. Shop the garage–red ribbon, red balls and some red accents […]

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations :: Early Christmas

None of us want to go out and buy Thanksgiving decorations. And none of us want a plain unfestive table either. If you’ve been a good hostess all focused on things like clean bathrooms, thawed turkeys and having enough forks, the last thing on your mind is what to put on your table to make […]

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The Ultimate Tassel Tutorial

It’s here. I can hardly believe it. Two weeks ago I had the bright idea to do a Tassel Tutorial, an Ultimate Guide to How to make Tassels, more than just a simple post about how to make a tassel but an in depth resource that touches on all aspects of decorative tassel making. After […]

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Tassel Day

The tassel ebook , The Nester’s Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, Proportional, Fluffy and Full Tassels That People Will Fight Over; For You to Give or Sell, is moving right along. If all goes as planned, it will be available this afternoon. I’ll have a new post up here as soon as it’s […]

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Moss Topiary

Remember how I told you that I kept pulling things out of my yard sale pile to keep? I had already priced a bunch of topiaries but decided to keep them at the last minute. I used them two Christmases ago on my mantle. I was tired of my unnaturally green, unnaturally perfectly round topiaries. […]

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In With the New

I told you yesterday how every year I keep an eye out {ok, both eyes out} for a few things I can get to really shake up my current Christmas decor. I can’t spend much money, but I want what I buy to be versatile, fresh and fun and help set the tone for the […]

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