Unexpected Color


I found two gold framed floral pieces 14 years ago at a thrift shop in Florida.  They were 75 cents each and I’m still convinced that the very best thrifting is to be found in the sunshine state.  Not to mention, these little numbers are two of my favorite possessions. I decided to follow my […]

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Blissdom ’10 and a Survey


emily, emily, lindsay, melissa, rhoda, nester, sandy, kimba, jen, laryssa, gina Blissdom was phenomenal, yet again.  It was beyond wonderful to get to know other bloggers a little better.  I especially loved the time we house bloggers got to spend together even though it was not near as long as I would have liked.  It’s […]

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A Giveaway:: Only for Non Blissdom People


Bless This Food Canvas Blissdom, Blissdom, Blissdom.  I am so sick of me talking about Blissdom.  Aren’t you?  So I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway only open to those of you who aren’t here in Nashville.  Since we are all here having fun, you should get to have fun too, right?! […]

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To Be Continued


The following is a rambling post filled with no useful information, it’s basically me thinking out loud, or in type.  My apologies. Remember how the other day I was all “Books on the ground, gotta get me a shelf”, dog?  Well, that very next morning I was one of the first people through the door […]

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Frame Anything


Sometimes I forget to take my own advice.  Or your advice.  I found this regular, weirdly cut up piece of copy paper the other week.  Only it had one redeeming quality.  It had writing on it written by the boy in our family who supposedly hates to read and write more than anyone else.  And […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 1

Thanks to one of your comments I’m now infatuated with Dreamy Whites.  She does a great job at incorporating perfectly placed shots of color into her dreamy decor. DIY Gold Chevron Canvas @ Makeunder My Life I am the last to know everything–everyone is making these simple burlap wreaths! Tutorial via Where The Heart Is […]

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