Everyone Wins Something

Even if today is not your lucky day, you still get 15% off your entire order with DaySpring with the code: 15GIFTS everybody wins! **** 1. The three winners from the comment section: Tracie @ Yule Time Reading Suzan @ The Reluctant Quilter Lorie Kennedy {blogless} 2. Twitter Winner: @hossmommy 3. DaySpring-Danielson’s Design Studio Winner […]

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Frame What You Have

I shopped the house and made this piece of wall art. Do you remember seeing that black framed wood in my house before? I bought it years ago and I remember a few weeks after I bought it I tried to return it because I wasn’t in love with it.  But something weird happened and […]

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Write Them on Your Doorposts :: A Giveaway

Special thanks to DaySpring for sponsoring this giveaway and feathering our nest with these charming book crops. Did you notice this sign on my mantel the other day?  My boys did.  I saw one of them mouthing the words as he read it to himself. There’s one here too. And here. And here. Over here. […]

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I Already Changed My Mantel Because I am A Crazy Person

It killed me not to have these done in time for the Mantel Party yesterday.  So I’m linking up to my own linky. Every time I paint a room, my boys beg to help.  This time, I was prepared. I bought a $10 pack of 8×10 canvases from Michaels Craft Store and let them go […]

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Mantel Party Time

Here’s my mantel as of yesterday.  I’m still deep in the midst of tweaking it but who am I kidding, if I wait till it’s “done” I’ll never have this Linky party. And anyway, you aren’t here to see my mantel, you are here to see other people’s mantels or shelves or surfaces.  So mantel […]

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Hanging White Dishes

Freestyle. It started with this.  Tight and symmetrical. my usual way to hang white dishes.  I thought maybe I’d keep my eyes open for more and fill the entire wall.  But I didn’t want to wait for it to be done.  So I stopped right there and placed all my white hanging dishes on the […]

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