31 Days of Lovely Limitations Day 3:: Found Drawers

dresser drawer

BHG Yesterday we talked about dressers with missing drawers and how they can be turned into a beautiful display piece.  What about if your dresser falls apart but you still have decent drawers?  Or maybe you come across a few spare drawers at a yard sale…maybe you even REMOVED a drawer from a perfectly good […]

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31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: Day 2 Missing Dresser Drawers

missing drawer

via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia Say you are moving yet again and your old dresser just doesn’t hold up.  One of the drawers smashed to smithereens.  You could cry and whine and complain and throw a fit because you think you have to buy a new dresser.  Bad things always happen to you, right? […]

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31 Dayers

31 days blank

Link up your 31 Day Series, you only need to link up ONE time on ONE host blog, your link should show up on each blog within a few minutes. DON’T forget to update the post at your blog you linked to-to add in each day’s new post  HELP your readers find your posts! Still […]

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31 Days :: Day 1

Picture 7

Hi there, if this is your first time here, scroll down to read day one.  Otherwise, here are the current links to the rest of the series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations…. Day 2 Missing Dresser Drawers Day 3  Found Drawers Day 4 Use What You’ve Got Day 5 We All Have Branches Day 6 […]

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$80 OKL for $40 Today at Plum District

Picture 104

  Today at Plum District you can purchase an $80 One Kings Lane gift card for half price…$40.  I’ve purchased lots of things through OKL and by far, my favorite items are their rugs.  Find out how I use OKL here and if you’ve yet to join, you can right here.  Happy Shopping! These links […]

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31 Days :: Housekeeping

31 days

  Saturday is October 1st! That’s the first day for each our 31 day series. Have you finalized your topic?  If you are joining in the *plan* is for each of the 8 original 31 dayers to have a linky on our blogs BUT you only need to link up one time on only one […]

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