It’s getting TanZany in this place

getting ready for this trip has already tested so many of my weakness: mailing things. following rules. listening. filling out lots of forms. doing things in a timely manner. paying attention. answering email. agreeing to get on a huge airplane. asked if I want to buy Go Girl. tag line: stop taking life sitting down. […]

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DIY Curly Paper Lantern

This is our the space formerly known as the Playroom.  Now that my boys are older and only play with legos and roller blades and SCUBA gear and iPhones we don’t have that many actual toys.  But we still use this room a lot for guests and spend the night parties that the boys have.  […]

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Using Plants in Your Home Part 5 :: Fairy Gardens, They Aren’t Just for Little Old Ladies

The Wee Garden Have you seen all the adorable miniature garden ideas?  Containers of some sort (wood boxes, planters, drawers, wheel barrows, bird baths…) hold a little scene full of tiny living plants along with little adornments like garden benches, hardscapes and paths.  They are absolutely enchanting for all ages and how fun to shop […]

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Bird Watching & Special Announcement

Head on over to the Nest Files today for some fun inspiration and bird watching. After talking about plants for two weeks and getting a ton of email from you all showing me your amazing planty ideas, I thought we desperately needed a Planty Linky Party. Save the date, Monday, April 23rd, and start working […]

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Using Plants in Your Home Part 4 :: Terrariums

Twig This is part 4 of a planty series read parts don’t forget to read parts 1, 2 & 3 in any order. DoodleBirdie Tiny terrariums are my newest obsession. If you’ve been around these parts since the beginning you might remember my huge terrarium on a stand that I’ve had both inside and out. […]

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–Using Plants in Your Home Part 3 :: Planters Indoors and Out

Ok, so I still can’t stop talking about plants–I’ve written a Part One and Part Two of this series and I cannot stop.  Today I want to share a few of my favorite types of planters–from simple to quirky.  Just putting this post together inspired me to use planters in different ways, I hope it […]

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