Well I Didn’t Expect to Meet HER in Tanzania

*Special thanks to Photographer Keely Scott for capturing the stories through her photos. I met Hospitality today.  Yep, her. I’ve always known the requirement for being hospitable isn’t about finally getting to the place where you love where you live and can have the most up to date flooring and look cute in the Anthropologie […]

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Tanzania Bound

I’m getting ready for the trip.  Actually, I’m probably on a plane right now while you are reading this.  I leave my house in 2 hours then I’m on planes for about 20 hours. I’m not ready and I know I never will be. They really should make you take some type of standardized organization […]

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It’s All Too Much

I’m intentionally writing this post now instead of in two weeks after I get back from Tanzania. Because you might think that I only feel this way because of my trip and blame poor Shaun Groves and Tanzania and the truth is, I’ve been feeling this way for months. Months, I tell you.

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A Few of My Favorite Things {From the Nesting Place Sponsors:: Just in Time For Mother’s Day}

From rustic White Washed Teak Baskets to Luxurious Pink Poufs, Serena & Lily is a wonderland of beauty.  When you check out their website be sure to get your Pinterest account ready for pinning–there’s some very Pinworthy photos. Olive Bungalow, handcrafted artisan jewelry has some fun pieces that you can mix and match, kind of […]

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The Little Things

Sometimes I’m itching for a little update in my house but when I look around I see lots of tiny 5-45 minute project that I could do.  And then I put them off because they don’t seem fun.  But ever since I first made the No Sew Fur Covered Chair, I wished I hadn’t distressed […]

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Stick a Fork In It

Forever I’ve seen these tall glass containers and wondered what I could do with one. Finally, it hit me–A FLOOR LAMP!  So I bought a tall glass container for $29 at Home Goods, a $10 light kit and found a $3 lampshade at a thrift store. Not bad for a floor lamp.  And I even […]

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