Bird Watching

One thing that will make your soul explode @ Chatting at the Sky Amy’s Manifesto @ Miss Mustard Seed If you want something badly enough you can usually find a way @ Money Saving Mom How to work from home without losing your mind @ The Gypsy Mama Where are the Compassion Bloggers headed next? […]

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My Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine Photo Shoot OH MY WORD!

Brie Williams : Photographer, Amanda: Photographer’s Assistant, Paula : Senior Associate Editor Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media (because she is fancy like that), Andrea : Regional Editor (who just happens to live about 20 minutes away I hope I don’t stalk her), Me : Spastic Renter I know I didn’t let on at all, […]

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I am the Opposite of Cool Calm and Collected

   click here to watch on youtube Oh my word, cameras are coming to my house tomorrow and I’ve turned into the anti-nester. You see EVERYTHING, worse than even when you put your house on the market because you know there will be cameras, every smudgy door, every filthy window (I don’t think I’ve washed […]

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The {African} Elephant in the Room

  Now that I’ve come and gone I know what you all want to know. You want to know the exact same thing that I want to know.  You want to know what one brave lady dared to put into words:     I love that it’s from Cindy, a fellow home blogger.  She gets […]

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Mothers everywhere love their babies and want them to grow up and to succeed in life.  Partner with a mother (or if the child is an orphan, partner with their guardian) and help ensure that their child is cared for, fed, schooled, immunized, in community with other children, surrounded by mentors, clothed and  given the […]

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Decorating Truths from A 15-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy

Warning:: Moms of boys may experience uncomfortable, unexplainable side effects while reading this post. Side effects are treatable with a prompt visit here to sponsor a teenage boy.  In order to alleviate the discomfort, take one or two of those and email me in the morning–for real, you should email me after you do this. […]

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