The Nursery – The Big Reveal

House Thirty-Six shares an incredible pictorial reveal of their room redo ~ The Nursery.

Great Deals at OKL Today!

Today is a Day of Safavieh at One Kings Lane. I’ve written all about how I use OKL here, if you’ve yet to read it~it’s a 3 day sale membership site where all it costs to be a member is your email address and you can cancel at any time. But I wanted to let you know of some things I think are really good deals. I have two of those half moon tables up there–ordered them both from OKL months and months ago and I love them.

You can see them here in our bedroom on each side of our bed. That chair in the far left is also a Safavieh piece. It’s sublime. It’s not something I would recommend in a family room with kids using it, it’s a linen and not the most durable fabric as far as hiding stains but, for our bedroom, it’s been great. We’ve had it since January and it looks like new and my husband loves it as his chair.

There’s the chair up there plus, there are SO many pretty things to choose from today.

I ordered these…

…and these today, $35-49 {depending on the size you choose} for the pair? I can’t do better than that at Home Goods!

And don’t forget, you get $25 if you refer your friends, that’s what I do! And if you have some credits saved up, today is a great day to cash them in! So are you ready? Go check out today’s deals at One Kings Lane and I’d love it if you tell them you were referred by:

Make an Ottoman

If you have some couch cushions lying around, here’s a simple way to make an ottoman.



Life Verse Giveaway

Julie Chen the artist behind Life Verse is giving away 2 prints at her blog, it’s fun to see how she transformed this photo that she took at a beach {THAT TREE!!!!} into…

this work of art.  Visit Life Verse Design to enter to win.

Why Was Everything Brown in the 70s?

Need a good laugh?  Read this blog.

“Why was everything brown in the 70s?  Why do Coke cans never change?”

Button Bag


Beautiful ~ “Cute as a Button” Bag.  Anyone want to make one for me?