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charlotte shopping map

Coming to the Charlotte area? Mandi at Dry Ink Designs created this lovely map of my favorite shopping spots and eateries and drinkeries. Click here to download the map, click here to download the addresses.


click here to download the furniture guide

gracelaced wonder print

Featured artist Ruth Simons from Gracelaced created this lovely Be Filled With Wonder printable for us!  Be sure to check out her work and follow her on instagram.

Click here to download


idhtbptbb print

Print off a pretty reminder that It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful for your home. Created just for us by hand letterer Lindsay Sherbondy of Lindsay Letters. You’ll see her artwork all over my house. Follow Lindsay on Instagram here.


Click whatever colors below that you’d like to download and or print. I printed mine on watercolor paper (I had to cut it down to the right size for my at home printer). I also emailed the file to my local Office Depot and they printed up for me for .69 cents per sheet when I brought in my own paper!

Want to show off how use use your print on instagram? Use the hashtag #idhtbptbb and then look for your photo on the official book page here!


Three Color Print

Mint Color Print

Coral Color Print

Blue Color Print

Black Print




My friend Colette from Raw Art Letterpress created a little reminder for us to not complify things. You can download these and print them and frame them if you want. We’ve got three colors for you:

Screen-Shot-2013-10-27-at-4.37.25-PM-550x425click here for peach

Screen-Shot-2013-10-27-at-4.38.01-PM-550x424click here for grey

Screen-Shot-2013-10-27-at-4.38.25-PM-550x422click here for pink

tassel ebook

Thank you so much for signing up for the Nesting Place updates in your inbox, as an insider of the Nesting Place community, you get free access to the How to Make Tassels Ebook! Simply click here.

matermindClick here to download a printable of the Lady Boss Mastermind Meet up Questions. I’ll list them here (and give you my own quick answers as well). These are the questions that we each answered during the Lady Boss Mastermind Meetup I held at my house.

  1. Tell us what you do and what projects you are currently working on. (my A: I’m currently working on creating an instagram course and I miss writing on my blog)
  2. In what area of your work would you like input or advice? (my A: I asked for advice on an opportunity to be a cofounder in an event here in town and host a part of it, I decided it wasn’t something that felt right, made me happy or seemed like it would be worth the physical and emotional work, so I’m passing this time–this group helped so much with this decision!)
  3. What was one genius move you had over the past year? (my A: I said no to lots and lots of things, even good and fun things, so I could focus on what mattered most to me, and create a few good things #essentialism)
  4. What was one idiot move you had over the past year? (my A: I didn’t say no to enough things)
  5. What’s inspiring you? (my A: instagram! nature, walking slowly through the grocery store)
  6. What’s something that helped your household run more smoothly–a tip, a practice, something you decided to let go of… (my A: hiring someone to help with cleaning the house, Hello Fresh (want to try them? use code 49TKWN for $40 off your first order) and our oldest is now driving the other boys to school!!)