Inspiration Overload

“It’s better to take one idea and bring it to fruition than to continue to collect more ideas.” via Small Notebook :: Do You Have Inspiration Overload

Best Design Blogs for Moms

She Knows Parenting shares their top five Moms Who Design With an Eye for Lovely Spaces.  What an honor to be included in this list!

Giveaway Advice

Great advice from Savvy Blogging // Why I Won’t Run Your $10 Giveaway

The Filter Hierarchy

There’s more information, provocations, riffs, causes, meetings, opportunities, viral videos, technologies and policies coming at you than ever. So, how do you rank the incoming? How do you decide what to expose yourself to next?  

Write Your Own Stuff First

“When you have something to write, get on with it.” Read more of what Bonita has to say here: “Write Your Own Stuff First”, Encouraging Words for Writers.

Why Was Everything Brown in the 70s?

Need a good laugh?  Read this blog. “Why was everything brown in the 70s?  Why do Coke cans never change?”

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