Love Where You Are

I’m a little surprised that I have tears in my eyes as I type out this first post.

I have a feeling Content to Rent is going touch on some of the most personal parts of what I talk about online.

I’m too tired to figure it out right now but, my husband and I have been renters for over half of our 16 years of marriage. At times by choice, at times by default, at times with discouragement and disdain and a sense of hopelessness. Every day of feeling like a second class citizen, like dorks, like kids because we rent has been worth it because of this space right here on the internet. I had no idea that those days of discontentment were my education on how to find contentment.

It’s been almost five years since we’ve lived in a home with a mortgage payment. We’ve lived in our current rental home for two years and I am completely content. Are there things I would change if we owned this place? Absolutely. But this house serves our family well and I am beyond grateful for it.

Life doesn’t start when you buy a house. We’ve owned three homes. We’ve rented condos and apartments and garage like structures and 200 year old houses. And I can honestly look back and tell you that I have loved every place we’ve lived. They have all been home.

I hope Content to Rent will be a place for you to find encouragement. My plan is to talk about all aspects of renting~how to find a rental, how to decorate a rental, show off homes of fellow renters, maybe interview some landlords; you get the idea. But mostly, I want you to know that you can love where you are.


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  1. Thank you! Just happen to find this blog, as I am now questioning my own pending move this spring to a rental – house. After living in my current space for just 8 months! I have been renting for many years since selling a home; thus moving twice since 2006. I guess I too have had some say to me “Why not just buy a house?”, well easier said than done, and home owning does come with cost, and sometimes unplanned surprises. With many of my friends, owning homes, etc., it has often made me feel inadquate about myself and my self-worth as a person. Renting also has it’s ups and downs too, especially neighbor problems in places like apartment complexes, and two-family flats, hence, why I am finally taking the plunge and “Renting”; yes Renting a Home, and although I am “renting”; but there is nothing that will prevent me while renting to make it feel like my own home. Knowing that I walk through the door and when it’s closes it’s me and my world alone. To entertain, and not have to worry if I am distrubing others, but at the same time, to not have to deal with issues presented by neigbors that are distrubuing me. I’m excited but at the same time pensive over moving again… but I need to find happiness in where I live, life is short, I work too hard; is that too much to ask for? Buying a home has always been at the forefront, but renting provides easier options, especially during our troubling economy. Thanks you for this blog, has made me feel so much better today.

    • Lori Thomas says:

      Hello Nester! I stumbled upon your site while looking for ideas on decorating with nests. I have had a long time fascination with birds and nests and want to incorporate them into my home decor one day. I have been a fan of yours since that first day a couple of months ago. I read your story and shed some tears and smiled along the way, our stories are so similar. I appreciate your down to earth honesty and openness. I have been a renter for the past 8 years. I owned a home previously which I fondly think about still. I am learning to be content wherever I may be, in time and with lots of hard work I do pray and believe that there is a house out there that I can call my home where I can have a floral garden and a pond and I can put bird feeders out and I can call “The Nest”. Thank you for sharing your story and for giving us renters who want to be home owners one day, HOPE! ! Congratulations and God Bless you and your family! !

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