Blame it on the Man

Do you have one of those empty spaces under the counter in your bathroom? I do. I mean, I’m really happy to have such a long counter and all but what’s a girl to do there? I have a feeling some well meaning male came up with the idea to put a big hole where […]

Window Mistreatments: 401

These mistreatments are for the advanced mistreater. If you’re new here you can read about easier mistreatments here and here. If you are too lazy to click on those links, I’ll define the term for you Mistreatment: (n). covering for a window that is quick, cheap and pretty. may or may not need hardware does […]

Gimme More

I’m too cheap to buy another rod.You gonna make something of it? My high heels are sharper than yours.These are from Katie at Harrington House. She did a fine job of mistreating these! $he must be rich, $he has rods. $weet!And a few days later she did these too! If you look real close you […]

Window Mistreatment 101 Red Checks Style

The following is an explanation of the fold, clip and poof method of mistreating windows. No windows were harmed during this presentation. I have been dreading this post for about 2 weeks. I know it will take me 2 hours to do this. I think it would just be easier to drive to anyone’s house […]

Window Mistreatment and Chair Take 2

Not the most inspiring window treatment in the world but, for $10 and 3 minutes, it’ll do.I should be way too ashamed to post pictures of these. If for any reason, you might have thought I had an ounce of class you will now know the truth. But, also know that this house has about […]

Window Mistreatment 101

Alert! If you are a perfectionist, real designer, drapery maker, or person who can’t stand just winging it, please brace yourself and take a deep breath. This is not going to be easy for you to watch. Disclaimer: We have moved 13 times. In April, we will be married 13 years. I had to be […]

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