They look even better in person!

This is a article was originally posted in March of 2008. It’s one of my all time favorite posts…enjoy! I wanted to share this with you so that you can be at the ready when going into some of these wonderful fabric stores! Kimberley just emailed this to me–it’s a play by play of her […]

Mistreated Table

I was too ashamed to take a before photo of this table that is in my craft room. It had piles of extra stuff that was slowly getting out of control. So I did what any lazy perfectionist would do and I covered it up real cute like. I’ve got a big bunch of fabric […]

Mistreatment Clubbers

I saw this on Nancy’s blog and am totally stealing it–thanks Nancy! It’s time for our window mistreatment get together! I can’t wait to see how you have mistreated and it’s not too late to join in! New here? See the rules and find out what all the abusive language is about! So grab yourself […]

Builder Beige Blah Bath

Do you have the same bathroom that we have in our house? Beige walls. Beige floor. “Brown” “wood” {please don’t turn me into that blog all about unnesesary quotation marks we all know just how crucial they are in this description} cabs, white counter top. I wanted a way to liven it up on the […]

Window Mistreatment Partay!

I’ve been promising this for awhile and now, it’s finally time…let’s all meet back here Monday and link up using that weird guy Mr. Linky and share our window mistreatment adventures! Are you new here and wondering what this atrocity could possibly be that I am referring to? This post tells my philosophy of mistreating […]

Cozy Mistreatments

A blogless reader, Christy is letting me share these photos with you. The world needs to see them. Or at least the small part of the world that reads this blog needs to see them. Yes, yes, I know! It’s a W/D cozy!!! Nothing on the back or bottom so it can just slide out […]

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