Calling All Window Mistreaters

I’ve been slaving away at the Window Mistreatment ebook due out in January and I’d love to include some of you who have mistreated your windows. I get emails every week from people sharing their mistreatments and I really love seeing all of your ideas and creations, there are lots of you out there who […]

Striped Drapes

Inquiring minds need to know where I bought my drapes, who made my drapes and if I painted my drapes.  Well, I hate to let you all down but, round these parts, I make my own drapes.  They are called Window Mistreatments because I do it all wrong, I rarely sew, it takes 5 minutes […]

Window Treatment Makeover

Wondering if your room needs a change?  Something I do from time to time is just take down my window treatments {or mistreatments}.  Take them down, live with it for two days–48 hours, this is key.  You will experience one of two emotions both starting with “Oh my word”: 1. Oh my word, this room […]

Windowless Mistreatments

I used them in the bathroom in the old house but now, they are in the foyer. You don’t need a window to soften a room with fabric. Six yards of fabric at $5 per yard {1502 fabrics, Thomasville, NC} is much less expensive than a 8′ x 5′ rug. Do you have a place […]

Fabric Buying Tips

Calico Corners Fabric. If I were stranded on a desert {deserted?} island and could only have 5 tools to decorate my tree house, fabric would be one of the chosen tools. We’ve talked about where to shop for fabric and many of you are asking how to know what fabric to buy for certain projects. […]

Where to Shop for Fabric

What started out as one post about fabric to go with the top 5 tools list has morphed into 3, maybe even 4 posts because I cannot seem to stop chatting it up about all things fabric. This is the first post in a series on fabric. Fabric is a luxurious tool. Along with paint, […]

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