Good Friday

Personalized Ribbon

Remember that Nesting Place ribbon I have that some of you have asked about? Well, if you need some, you can purchase it from Name Makers. They have all kinds of neat stuff like personalized gift wrap and clothing tags and have caught the attention of some great women like The Oprah, The Martha, and […]

Another NonDecorating Post

I’m sorry. This wedding of my husband’s cousin has taken over my life for the last week and we are still recovering. It is the only thing I can write about right now. My house is a complete disaster. My closet looks like a Target shopping Paris Hilton threw up. My bathroom looks like CVS […]


Hi all! I’ve been very busy the past few days packing up all this… and making this with my sister in law… for a wedding today! I haven’t forgotten about you and I’ll be mailing tassels today and making the custom ones in the next few days. And for the week of spring break (following […]

I won’t be posting today

Apparently Blogger broke over the weekend and now it’s close to impossible to upload, download, or in my case overload photos. I CANNOT do a post without pictures. Why, why? Why can’t the word part be broken? I could SO do a post without words. So, I cannot tell you about the fantastic sale that […]

I boxed up my babies and sent them away

I am so sad. And happy. As I’ve told you many times before, I’ve been making tassels for years and really enjoy it. I’ve even sold them in a few adorable retail shops. Well, I got an email a few weeks ago from a shop owner in Savannah, Georgia who was curious to see if […]

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