Protected: When You Love the Idea of Cooking

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My Friends Wrote Books & I Want You To Have Them, The Books, Not the Friends, But That Would Be Fun Too (A Giveaway)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED I think it’s time for some intention, encouragement and best of all laughter. How about a giveaway of three fresh new books that I really think you will love?! Before I start do you know that I think of my friends in two groups? Not ‘online friends’ and ‘in real life […]

How to Decorate for Any Party

I’ve decorated for lots of events from weddings to book release parties to outdoor parties to blogger slumber parties, conferences and birthday parties. And I’ve noticed a trend. Here’s how I decorated for our last event, a Barn Gathering, and what I’ve learned… Pin It

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  My husband’s grandfather died and we are celebrating his long, fully-lived life yesterday and today–my husband and his cousin are giving the eulogy. This man had SO. MANY. FRIENDS. And taught just about the entire town at their local church. His children (my husband’s mom and her sister and brother) had a flower arrangement […]

The Almost Extinction of the Drop-In

    It had been years. I’ve become so accustomed to emailing and texting and long pre-planned get-togethers on the calendar that the drop-in had become almost obsolete in my life. Until that day when I was gifted with a drop-in visit. Last winter I had the biggest deadline of my life. I quarantined myself, […]

Laundry Room Must-Haves

After 17 years of wife-ing to a man with a dirty job and three boys, I’ve spent a few hours in the laundry room. In our current home when you open the front door, you can see straight through the kitchen into the laundry room. It wasn’t until I was forced with the fact that […]

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