On CONtent and conTENTment

I wanted to tell you about some up and coming things at Nesting Place.  For the past few months I’ve felt a bit scattered, maybe you noticed.  I’ve been hard at work bossing around the best graphic designer in the business. She’s so good that last year her que for the ENTIRE 2010 year filled up in six, yes 6 days.

Last year I was determined to write a Window Mistreatment ebook.  I gathered ideas from all of you, made a bunch of my own mistreatments and took way too many photos.  But, I hated the process of writing a tutorial based ebook. And it’s not fun to do things you hate.  So, after much thinking I came up with a solution.

I’m starting a Window Mistreatment blog.  We need it don’t we?  Nesting Place will still be the main place where I ramble on and on but, Wm will be a place where I only ramble about window news.  Not to mention feature of bunch of you with your amazing, mind boggling mistreatments.

And, while I was at it, I figured I should go ahead and start the blog for renters. I had first thought that would be an ebook as well.  No, I’m not renting out CONtent.  It’s a place for renters to come and find ideas and encouragement~a reminder to be conTENT with what we have.

You know, I’m kind of tired of gathering all the ideas that I find inspiring over at tumblr.  Wouldn’t it be easier if there were all here at a certain spot at Nesting Place?  Yeah, that’s better.

Since Darcy was busy whipping up some pretty new logos, I figured Nesting Place could use a little pick me up too.  We are a few weeks out still, but I couldn’t stand not telling you any longer.

I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoy writing blog posts.    I’m not promising these sites will be updated daily~actually, I can promise that they will not, but, they will have topic specific content {not conTENT} that will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find the inspiration they are looking for.

I’d love for you to read more about my thought process with starting these blogs over at Stephanie’s blog today. Stephanie is a dear friend with a great blog about social marketing that you should be reading.  She’s like Seth Godin only with a skirt and Anthropologie analogies.  She asked me to write about ebooks for her Content {CONtent not conTENT} Expression series.  So far, Tsh and Annie have shared their experince publishing books in very different ways.  I don’t know a lot about ebooks but I do know my own story and I had a long post about my own ebook endevor that left me wondering if it would help anyone.

me & dad

I mentioned to Stephanie that my dad knows a ton about the future of ebooks and that I’ve learned a lot from him and she asked him to write a follow up post tomorrow.  In my post at Steph’s I talked about four people who helped guide me {whether they know it or not} in my decision process.  Two people who put up with me the most went unmentioned: my husband {the ever encouraging, ever risk taker} and Dad {the thinker, question asker, encourager}.  Nesting Place and these other blogs would not exist if it weren’t for their encouragement and input.   I’ll remind you tomorrow to go read his post.  But, for today, if you want to hear a little bit more of my ebook story {and I get nervous about sharing stuff like that?} head on over to my friend Stephanie’s blog S. Bryant Social Marketing.

Tassel Party

available here I’m not going to waste your time with me going on and on about tassels.  If you are new and are all “tassel huh?” read more about them here. They are addictive.  If you are now convinced you must learn how to make tassels, you can also get the ebook here.  If you […]


It’s that time of year again.  The time when some of us are scrambling trying to figure out what to get our moms for Mother’s Day.  Well, you have 2 1/2 weeks.   Just long enough to learn how to make fabulous, beautiful, fat tassels and give one to your mom for Mother’s Day.  I wrote […]

Nesting Spoons

Almost two years ago I saw a photo in a magazine of a spoon ornament that had some moss and an miniature egg on it.  I immediately got my drill and tried to drill a hole through one of my disposal chewed up spoons.  I almost started a fire but I simply couldn’t get that […]

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Tassel Day

The tassel ebook , The Nester’s Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, Proportional, Fluffy and Full Tassels That People Will Fight Over; For You to Give or Sell, is moving right along. If all goes as planned, it will be available this afternoon. I’ll have a new post up here as soon as it’s […]

Tassel Alternatives

This lamp is so modest and fully clothed in the glorious and alluring item: The Tassel. Here are a few quick and simple ideas of how to stop the embarrassment of having an unadorned lamp. 1. Embellish an Existing Tassel: This tassel right up there is and embellished tassel. That means it’s not made from […]

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