Book Release Party at The Nest

Y’all it was wonderful.  If you’ve been hiding/living/digging/making crafts under a rock and somehow missed my nonstop talking and obsessing, the short version is my baby sister wrote a book Grace for the Good Girl and Mom and  I threw her a big party and invited everyone to come celebrate.  And they did and we […]


I had big ambitions of doing a DIY book page amazing tutorial every day this week leading up to my sister’s party. Instead I’ve been too busy getting ready for said party and reading all the reviews for my sister’s book on Amazon.  Hello 5 stars.  Hello top 1000 in books.  Hello they had to […]

Calling All Good Girls

this post contains a video, please click over to watch *Giveaway closed: winners announced here* Is that you?  My sister‘s book Grace for the Good Girl officially releases today.  This book.  It will change you.  And I want to celebrate my sister, her book and especially~YOU.  I’d love to have you join us at my […]

Party at The Nest

I’ve been looking so forward to announcing this.  If for some reason you’ve yet to hear me talk about this~MY SISTER HAS GONE AND WRITTEN A BOOK, Y’ALL !!!!  My baby sister wrote a real, live, book and I’ve read it and recovering perfectionists like us are gonna love this book.  It has life changing […]

My Sister is On The Other Side of The World

Happy Memorial Day.  I hope you have a day filled with watermelon and hot dogs and good conversation.  Be sure to visit (in)courage today to remember the sacrifices of so many. If you haven’t heard, two people near and dear to me left the comfort of family and the familiar to visit The Philippines with […]

I’m Fine, How Are You?

I’m beyond thrilled. My sister‘s been a writer her entire life.  Growing up, I was busy sneaking my mom’s jewelry box out of her room so that I could use it as a Barbie coffee table while my sister worked on short stories.  Short stories that were not assigned at school.  Short stories that she […]