Take an Adult Nature Walk

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go on a nature walk. I take a flat basket, a woven tote bag and a pair of scissors and just walk slowly, notice things, and bring a few little finds back to the picnic table for their closeup… Instead of just keeping […]

So You’re Hosting This Summer…

Whether you’re hosting on the Fourth of July or any day this summer, outdoor gatherings require a little different planning… Since we moved to the country we’ve started hosting a Fourth of July cookout. We’ve hosted Christmas dinners and brunches (brunchi?) for years but summer hosting for a group was new to me. I’m learning […]

My Favorite No-Brainer Rug #HushTheHouse

Last week we started talking about Summer-izing our homes.  I want my home to feel like it reflects the season–not because it has signs all over that have words that say “springtime” or anything, but just based on how it feels to me when I’m inside. This rug is one way I summer-ized our home […]

The One Change that Changed Everything

The other day we talked about Hushing the House to create our own Summer Home. A few weeks ago I knew I needed some change at home. We’ve lived here for just over 18 months and I’m finally learning the moods of this house. It takes awhile. My last house spoiled me with natural light. […]

I’ve Got A Summer Home (& How You Can Have One Too)

edie’s cottage angela’s cottage My favorite summer homes have something in common. In a way, it’s the very thing that sets apart a vacation home and a real, lived-in, year-round home. Vacation homes, or summer homes often have less stuff. Less tchotchkes, pillows, rugs, drapes, surfaces, books, frames and all the other wonderful stuff we […]

18 Summers

Our oldest is a senior next year, in many ways, this is our last normal summer. Our middle boy has 5 summers left. The youngest has 6 summers. I know, they’ll still have summers after that. But you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve probably counted too. And if you haven’t, you are adding […]

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