P.O.O.P.I.E Party!

Are you a P.O.O.P.I.E participating in today’s Mr. Linky? Quick, copy this button/photo and plaster it to your blog post! Super big thanks to my sweet friend Deanna {Domestic Chicky} for offering to do this –she’s got all sorts of goodies at her design blog from headers to mommy cards {I’ve ordered those from her […]

The Fall Wreath

Remember how I told you that I was gonna make a wreath because y’all all got me all {June will love that} worked up and excited about it? Remember that? Well, I made it. Actually, I just added fall stuff to what I already had. I hate it. I’m sorry. It’s just not right. What […]

Extreme Wreath Makeover

I have a wreath on my front door but I felt like it was a little weak. I like my wreaths to have presence. I would also like for them to have presents but that’s another post. This one works for all seasons, it’s got enough fresh green it it for spring and I can […]

Lighten Up

Winter…Summer…Cozy…Refreshing… Heavy…Light…I didn’t buy anything new, I just moved stuff around. I switched out my mistreatments, brought in my stars, and added that wonderful robin’s egg blue in the room with my toile sofa. I’ve been dying to add blue in here with all of my red and it’s coming along just fine doncha think? […]

V Day Decorating for Dummies

I’m the dummy not you. I have noticed lots of people talking about getting out their Valentine’s Day decorations. Honestly, I thought these people were a little much, I mean, I love to decorate as much as the next chick but for Valentines? Good grief, I just now got my Christmas decorations good and cold […]

The Wreath…

Yes, it’s the same one. I had to post it again because one, if you clicked on the finished photo to look at it closely it was very blurry, and two, I COULD NOT stand seeing the top photo on my blog all blurry and since I don’t have another post ready ASAP I had […]

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