Tour De Rental: Christmas Version

Can we ever see enough Christmas Decorations? I think not. The delightfully personable and ever funny BooMama and the uber creative and perfectly charming Julia from Hooked on Houses are both hosting Christmas home tours and there’s not a chance that I would miss them. {edited: Rhoda is hosting one as well–you must see her […]

Garland Roundup

You did visit every single one of the 150 plus garlands that were showing off over the past few days right? Y’all are insane! And I adore you! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful workmanship! Just in case, I thought I would share a few highlights. This top photo is from Life on the […]

Your Garland is Showing

I couldn’t resist using the title that my friend in real life suggested–thanks MEME! It’s time to share your garland with us! Whether you were inspired to make a big bad garland this year or you simple put Polly Pockets in a piece of greenery, here’s your chance to tell us all about it. I’m […]

Winterized Decor

A few photos of the keeping room. It’s the only lady room in this house with three boys and a big strapping man. I’m lucky to have it. No red. No santas. No stockings. Not much money spent. But a warm chill has crept over this room. Not that there’s anything wrong with red. Remember […]

Fur Wreath Tutorial

Are you ready to make this wonderous wreath (pictured with two trees balanced inside)? What you need: 1. an 18 inch pressed straw wreath {I don’t even unwrap mine} 2. a low melt glue gun with glue sticks {high melt is fine if you don’t need to use your fingers for the rest of the […]

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from my nest to yours.

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