Chalkboard Fireplace Surround :: A Year Later

This corner fireplace has been a challenge to deal with. Here’s how it looked when we moved in.  It has a yellowy fake marble surround and a tiny piece of weak, glued on scroll work. I had that carved wooden piece for years, I bought it from TJ Maxx for $13 so I nailed it […]

How to Make a Rag Bag AKA Ragamuffin Bag

When I take this bag out, I get nothing but compliments on it.  I made it in about 12 minutes. Here’s what you need:: A thrift store bag with bamboo handles kind of like this: Strips of all types of coordinating fabric–I like stringy, imperfect textures, but I just used leftovers from my Ragamuffin Garland […]

Summerize Your Home Part II :: Keep it Calm {how I quiet the house}

This post is part two in a three part series Sumerize Your Home :: Cool, Calm and Collected. No one loves cute tchotchkes more than me. I will fight anyone who thinks they love their accessories more. I am the Coco Chanel of Home accents. I’ve got to have them. I don’t understand women who […]

Summerize Your Home :: Cool It Now

No one wants to walk in the front door of their home from the 100 degree heat and open the door and feel warm.  We want to be embraced with cool and I’m not necessarily talking temperature.  I used to struggle with the facts that I wanted my home to be warm and welcoming all […]

Disguising a Light Switch

Do you see that light switch that is half hidden by the white framed canvas?  It has been the bane of my existence for the last few weeks. Since I moved the sofa into the corner, I’ve played around with what to do with the huge expanse of looming wall.  Every time I had a […]

Tail of a Silhouette

anyone who is tall want to come to my house and hang that top frame better? I’ve told you more than enough about my beloved silhouettes, right?  Well, I switched out their frames and realized that I had 4 frames and only three boys.  The agony was unbearable trying to figure out what to do […]

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