When You Stop Stereotyping Furniture

Last fall our 30 inch round coffee table kept getting in the way as it stood guard in front of our small sectional sofa. I tried something and moved in three separate small table/stool things that I had in various parts of the house. So far the small tables have worked out great. They hold […]

When You’re A Cozy Minimalist

canvas// silhouette I am constantly fighting two extreme decorating styles. Sometimes I’ll go to Edie’s blog and see all of her beautiful patterns and layers and colors and she puts everything together so well and I tell myself that her house is the very definition of what I want my home to be and that […]

My “I’m in my 40’s and there’s stuff I need easy access to while I’m in bed” box.

I’ve wanted a pretty storage box next to my bed for ages. But I waited for one that was just the right size, with the kind of lid that was attached so if I needed to find my book light in the dark I wouldn’t knock the lid on the floor and wake everyone up. […]

Dashes, Risk and Imperfection

I put dashes on our bedroom wall. If you’ve been around here for long you know I’ve been in a white phase. After having all sorts of pretty colored walls, and patterned drapes and hanging out on pinterest I just needed a break and white seemed like a logical answer. So I painted lots of […]

Why it’s Worth it to Take One Microscopic Step Forward

My office has been so neglected while we put all of our energy into the barn project. But every time I looked at it, it made me sad. I needed a little win. I threw dinner in the oven and ran out to my thrifted office door armed with a quart of pretty pink paint […]

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A Saturday with Style

A few weekends ago I hung out with Emily A. Clark at Lowe’s Home Improvement for Style Saturday. It was such fun, we got to do consultations and everyone who came got to do a craft. The craft I selected was this wallpaper poster and y’all it’s SO EASY. All I did was cut the […]

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