Living In Color

Once again, we have boring white walls in this rental. But look at those wonderful floors. I love them. Unfortunately, they give the walls a pinkish hue, what huge challenge. Secretly, one of my favorite parts of moving is when you get to try out something different in a room. Our dining room was entirely […]

How to Hang A Chandelier

1. Catch the eye of a strapping man, preferably a tall man. 2. Say “yes” when he asks you to marry him. 3. Bear his children. 4. Do his laundry for 14 years. 5. Stock the refrigerator with bison burgers and chocolate covered strawberries just cuz. 6. Place the chandelier that you want hung in […]

Trashy & Brassy to Sassy & Classy

This is a guest post from my blogging sister in decorating crime, Kimba from A Soft Place to Land. If you’ve been under a rock and have yet to meet her and all her genius ways fly on over and say hello. When it comes to furnishing my home, I love the challenge of finding […]

Lampapalooza Roundup

Edie’s Clip Lights @ Life In Grace How fun was that Lampapalooza party? You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to share your ideas. I was so inspired, encouraged and motivated to light it up! Y’all are endlessly creative and you know how to use some lighting. Let me assure you, I visited […]

Lampapalooza Party!

It’s time for us to share our lighting adventures with each other! I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. I’ll go first… Remember the chandelier from the yard sale two weeks ago for $25? I grabbed some brick red spray paint and when I got home I read the can and it […]

Quieting the "You Can’t" Chorus

This fantastic, motivating and inspiring guest post was submitted by the ever talented Lindsey from Living with Lindsay. My friend Zoë had the cutest new window treatment over her kitchen sink. As I sat there stuffing my face with her delicious Seven Layer Dip, I couldn’t help but stare at it. “It’s called a window […]

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