Get The Nesting Place book Free! EXTENDED THRU TUESDAY!

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Announcing a surprise update to the Caldrea Summer Cleaning Kit:

If you place your first order with Grove Collaborative through me here by Tuesday evening, not only will you get your $32 cleaning kit in your choice of fancy scent, but you will also receive The Nesting Place, a hardback, full color design book FOR FREE!

Grove Collaborative has really outdone themselves and completely surprised me by offering this for you! They are an incredibly generous company!

Let’s go over what this means….

grove np deal

First, for those of you who ordered this Caldrea deal already because you read about it here, no worries, Grove wants YOU to get a copy of The Nesting Place too!

For anyone who has or will order this Caldrea Summer Cleaning Kit here from Nesting Place, you will receive your book in a separate shipment via Amazon Prime!

click here

What’s the catch?

You simply place your first order with Grove for $20 worth of products that you normally purchase anyway…

Shipping is free, and you have complete control over what you order. You even get to pick your favorite Caldrea scents (the yellow sea salt neroli is my current favorite).

Here’s an example of $22 worth of products that I use from Grove PLUS the free Caldrea kit–you can get all of this for less than $23?! PLUS The Nesting Place book…

caldrea deal



This is $86 worth of high-end, earth friendly cleaning supplies & a lovely book all for less than $23!

click here

The book itself retails for $20! Plus, shipping is FREE! I’m SO excited to get to share this with you, but it only lasts until Sunday night–a very limited time!

(remember, the book won’t actually show up in your basket)



You know how I feel about a cleared off surface, and a clean kitchen counter is the best cleared off surface of all–especially in the summer when the kids are home!

Clean your counters, make your whole house smell deliciously fresh (no chemically scents here) and then sit down, put your feet up and read an encouraging book that will have you loving and enjoying your home more than you ever thought possible.

PS, here’s a text I received from a friend yesterday…


…and an email I received from a reader just today…

bonnie jean

This deal ends Sunday extended THRU TUESDAY and is only available in the US (sadly not Alaska or Hawaii).

check it out

To get your kit and find out more info, click here, watch my 90 second video and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, hit that “help” button on the Grove screen and they are in this weekend to help!

click here

Already a Grove member? They haven’t forgotten about you, click here to add a free wooden scrub brush to your next order.

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UPDATE 7/20/
Yee haw! So many of you took Grove up on their offer of the Free Caldrea & Book deal! This is SO exciting!  Because Grove doesn’t actually sell or carry books, they are ordering them from Amazon. You will recieve your Grove shipment separately from your Nesting Place book. AND to make things even crazier, Amazon is now out of stock of the book. Not to worry, we PROMISE you will get your free book, but for some of you it will take a little longer than the two day shipping we had hoped.
Grove will be working with my publisher to get your books ASAP and as soon as they have a time frame, look for an email from Grove Collaborative (they should know more in the next 36 hours). I am so sorry that some you have to wait, but promise it will be worth that wait. Thanks in advance for your graciousness & patience. You are the best people on the internet!








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