Perfect vs. Good

wordle How many things do you put off because you are afraid to fail? Afraid it won’t be good enough? Afraid it won’t be perfect? I am guilty of this in so many areas of my life. This article and this one both found deep in the archives of one of my favorite financial blogs, […]

Mistreated Table

I was too ashamed to take a before photo of this table that is in my craft room. It had piles of extra stuff that was slowly getting out of control. So I did what any lazy perfectionist would do and I covered it up real cute like. I’ve got a big bunch of fabric […]

High Heels for the Bathroom

Are your bathroom cabinets low and feeling all bad about themselves compared to the new 42 inch cabs in all the newer houses? This photo is from my old nest and my poor midget cabinets were in need of either a makeover or counseling. I think the counter top reached just above my husbands knees. […]

The Lazy Perfectionist

I mistreated my shower. We don’t have a window and I had this fabric that I used in my dining room in our old house. The lower shower rod is bolted into the wall. It was here when we moved in. If it weren’t tightly secured, I might have just moved it up so the […]


I had no idea how many of you were gonna do the easy to remember, rolls off the tongue, IDHTBPTBB post. Can I just tell you that I was hoping, praying that 20 people would take the time to do this? And, I’ll admit I’ve wanted to do it for awhile but it took some […]

Imperfectly Beautiful

Here it is people! The first post of the it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful party? Carnival? Spectacular? Celebration? I have no idea what to call this! Here’s a photo of my pretty sitting room. Today is my baby’s 7th birthday. We celebrated with my parents yesterday {father’s day} so we could […]

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