The Naked Truth

We’ve lived here six weeks now and our bedroom still looks like this. And yesterday, Writer Chic wrote a wonderful post showing her beautiful master bedroom transformation and linked to Nesting Place so much that I think my head grew a few sizes. I felt the need to show you my reality just in case […]

Easy Fireplace Surround Makeover * And Giveaway

Here’s the after shot of my surround makeover. And here is one of the billions of befores. Forgive me for the tragedy that is up on the mantle. But do you notice the difference with the black surround? Or whatever that part is called surrounding the firebox? It’s not a huge change but for a […]

Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Wonderful

Ever wonder what inspired the tag line for Nesting Place? It was this post written by Heather who I doubt has ever come to this blog. She’s dealing with more important things these days. I read that post the summer before I started blogging but the simple message was profound and stuck with me. I […]

10 Ways to Avoid Having a Home You’ll Love

1. Worry that it’s never good enough. 2. Put off doing anything because you don’t know where to start. 3. Aspire to have a home just like the ones you see in the magazines. 4. Tell yourself you don’t deserve it. 5. Assume you can’t have anything pretty because you have kids and not much […]

There’s No Wrong

Do you ever wish that you could have a set of rules that if you just followed them step by step then whatever goal you are trying to achieve would be met? Are you looking for rules to follow when decorating your house? I’ve been known to spout a few rules myself but I always […]

5 Steps to Enjoying your Home to the Fullest

Just like you I’ve been thinking about goals lately. Every year my husband and I take a few days and get together with my sister and her husband and my mom and dad and we share our goals, hang out and be dorks together. It’s one of the highlights of the year. I usually have […]

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