How to Never Feel Behind at Home

After almost two months away, I finally logged onto Instagram this past week and BAM! –everyone is doing amazing things in their homes!  

Of course, I follow all sorts of home accounts, friends, heroes and DIY mavens and I couldn’t believe how much progress people made in their home while I was vacuuming cat hair out my junk drawer and throwing away holey underwear this summer.

I am so SO happy for them and inspired by all the progress, truly, but by no fault of anyone but myself, I can easily slip into the mode of feeling like I must be the slowest person ever when it comes to finishing our house.  

It’s been six years, why can’t we finish up this fixer upper already?! 

Then I ran across this Instagram post by my dear friend Ruth. 

Ruth was writing about her own fixer upper and she says:

“…the SECRET to dreams coming true 

is to want everything you CAN do, 

when you CAN’T do everything you want to.”

–Ruth Chou Simons

Time, money, inspiration, skill and the freedom to make changes all affect what we can do in our homes on any given day, week month or year.

But no matter what our circumstances are, there are always tiny things we CAN do. 

For me, one way of doing what I COULD DO this summer looked like taking three carloads of stuff to the goodwill and painting the ends of my kitchen island to cover up the dirt.  

What does it look like for you today?

PS, one way I remind myself of how far we’ve come is to look at before photos. Next week, I’ll share some before and current photos of our fixer upper over the past six years.

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