Job-I-Didn’t-Realize-Itus :: It Affects Thousands Every Year–Maybe Even You

ombre wallombre wall

Our lives are like an ombre’ wall.

You are going along smoothly and there is just a tiny bit of a change but it’s practically unnoticeable yet it keeps changing just that much again along the way and before you know it, it’s a completely different color.

Or a completely different life.

And if you didn’t change anything else even though your life slowly changed, you might be crazy frustrated.

Does this sound familiar?…

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A Gift to Your Future Self

I bought a top hat. I decided to do something for me, –it’s my own version of the Batman Suit. If you are a Parks & Rec fan you’ll know what I’m talking about…. When’s the last time you treated yo self? Recently my sister and I teamed up with a couple of our besties,┬áCaroline […]

If You’re In the Midst of a Mess, Join the Club

Thursday I shared the mess that is currently my office. And you all reacted the same way I hope to react when someone shares their mess with me–you accepted me anyway. Maybe you even liked me a little more BECAUSE I shared the mess. Thank you. Revealing ourselves to trustworthy people always connects. That’s what […]

Meet Me at the Online Barn

Last March I talked about how we had a dream. A dream that involved our whole family, Mom and Dad and my sister and her husband– Emily and John. It started with having some property and a gathering place for you and us and we thought we’d slowly move towards it in the coming years. […]

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