Summerize Your Nest Part 3:: Collected

This is part 3 of a miniseries, Summerize Your Home Cool, Calm and Collected {no it’s not me spelling the word summarize wrong, it’s an attempt to be funny and lazy instead of saying how to make your home summery for the summer} I just decided that this post needs a link up party so […]

Summerize Your Home Part II :: Keep it Calm {how I quiet the house}

This post is part two in a three part series Sumerize Your Home :: Cool, Calm and Collected. No one loves cute tchotchkes more than me. I will fight anyone who thinks they love their accessories more. I am the Coco Chanel of Home accents. I’ve got to have them. I don’t understand women who […]

Your House Is On Fire…

And all of your family and pets are safe and you have 4 minutes to grab whatever you can, what do you get? Most people I know would say photos.  And I used to think they were crazy for wanting photos.  Until last month when Portrait Photographer Amber Herlocker came and did a photo shoot […]

Board and Batten

I jumped on the board and batten bandwagon.  Only, unlike all those other girls, I sat back and watched while the men in the family did the work.  My hero, Kimba, got a wet saw for mother’s day. I mean, you would think her husband could at least dry the thing off for her. I […]

How to Make a Slipcover for a Sectional

*This post has been pinned so often since it was first published in May of 2010, I wanted to add an updated photo of the sectional–after two years of wear with three boys and a husband the white slipcovers have held up better than I expected.  I opted for a fitted yet relaxed style of […]

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We Slipped at the Nest

…more to come, much much more than you will ever want to hear about.

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