Pillow Covers and other Discoveries

Sometimes you need an extra large photo.  Even though it’s my pet peeve when blogs use photos so big you have to scroll to see the whole thing.  Sorry to be annoying.  After 15 years of wifeing, shopping, moming, and decorating I finally figured something out. Duh, pillowcovers. I’ve told you before that I’m mildly […]

How Our New TV is Paying For Itself

Remember how I hated our TV wall?  I like it much better now.  My husband got all mathy on me and showed me how if we canceled our cable we could still watch our favorite shows and in about 9 months, the new TV will pay for itself with the money we save on our […]

Up Chairs

My husband’s $20 chair and my $12 slipcovered chair.  At first they annoyed me when they were near each other.  And even though I just pushed them together for this photo, I love that you can see a little bit of our personalities in our chairs.  I needed to be reminded to embrace the differences.

Browsing for a Coffee Table

For months I’ve been on the prowl for a round coffee table.  It wasn’t a desperate prowl, we had a big chunky rectangular coffee table that I still love but, it was taking up a lot of precious room that could be freed up with a circle. There are times when we need something and […]

Master Bedroom

so far before Our bedroom had been neglected for far too long.  I was ready for change and my requirements were: neutral colors a pretty bed drapes masculine and feminine feel places to sit an 8 x 10 rug surfaces to place books and tums and snoring medicine and my other old lady paraphernalia better […]

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Making a Coffee Filter Wreath and Tree and Things of That Nature

I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to make one of these voluptuous, show stopping wreaths. I used extra large white filters and hot glued them onto a wreath with the clear wrapping on {why unwrap it?}.  You can practice with folding the filters different ways to get different looks.  This […]

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