Mistreatment Clubbers

I saw this on Nancy’s blog and am totally stealing it–thanks Nancy! It’s time for our window mistreatment get together! I can’t wait to see how you have mistreated and it’s not too late to join in! New here? See the rules and find out what all the abusive language is about! So grab yourself […]

Window Mistreatment Partay!

I’ve been promising this for awhile and now, it’s finally time…let’s all meet back here Monday and link up using that weird guy Mr. Linky and share our window mistreatment adventures! Are you new here and wondering what this atrocity could possibly be that I am referring to? This post tells my philosophy of mistreating […]


I thought I was the only weirdo who drove around and took pictures of houses. Apparently, there’s more than one of me. Only, she’s thinking about more important things than slate roofs and dormer windows.

Where is that witty title person?

Need some laundry room inspiration? My sister accomplished a complete room transformation with a few cans of paint and a scrap piece of fabric. And look what you can do with an old door found at a family farm house. This project has nothing to do with a laundry room but I must share it […]

I didn’t win.

But Marsha Coulthard from Bradenton, Florida did! Congrats Marsha for winning the HGTV Green Home! I missed the show but watched the ambush online. My blogging buddy over at The Bird’s Nest was lucky enough to tour the Green Home and took some great photos! I totally stole these from her blog but she’s got […]

Bird Watching

I’m being a good girl today and packing. While I’m doing that, you’ve got to see one of the latest projects that The Do It Yourselfer just did. And, don’t forget to enter her contest to win a lovely apron and painted furniture book that I want but I won’t get because I never win […]

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