Book Page Pendant Light

Many of you have asked about the book page light so I wanted to give you some closeups and photos of it without the book pages. I ordered this pendant lamp last year from Joss & Main because I’ve learned that if I have a great hanging light in the room, I don’t need to […]

Transitional Homes

Sometimes when I’m not sure what I want to go where, I’ll grab my camera and snap a few pics to see what I really like best. And sometimes I make the opposite decision once I realize I don’t even have my coffee table back in place after taking out the Christmas tree. Wondering about the […]

Decorating with Opposites:: Quirky Combinations of Shiny & Matte

New Year’s Eve (after eagerly working on my puzzle for a few hours) I texted Karrie and Reeve and Maria to see what they were wearing so I would know if I could get away with wearing my old yoga pants or if I should get fancy and put my new yoga pants on for […]

Around the House

There are no words to describe how relieved I am that speaking at that conference is over.  I came home, slept great and then tinkered around in the family room, just for fun. Moving furniture is SUCH a fun (sometimes) and easy (hopefully) way to get a fresh feel in your home.  And even though […]

It’s Here, The Leather Sofa

My leather sofa has been here for two weeks and I haven’t even had time to think about it, much less write about it.  But I have had time to sit on it. We love it. And the leather feels like butter. Not even kidding. And just like I knew it would, it threw the […]

Dimmer Cord

I love this little gadget I picked up at Ikea last year.  All you do is plug it into the wall and then plug your lamp into and use the thingy on the end to choose the setting–it’s a sliding dimmer on a cord so you can change any lamp into a dimmer. We have […]