We often have people stay at our home.

We hosted people last week and this week and while I love hosting, long ago I learned to stop insisting on perfection from my home. However, I’ve found a few simple ways to make my home feel special for our guests, here are three things guests have mentioned that they love…

1. A Simple Coffee Station fit for a Normal Person, not an Anthropologie buyer

Friends, this doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy, it just needs to be intuitive and not be ugly.

Whether you have a community coffee carafe or a single serve coffee maker, this is worth the little bit of effort.

Creating a non-elaborate self-serve coffee station will not only make your guests feel special, it makes your life easier. Simply gather all things coffee related, put them in pretty containers near the coffee maker and show your guests where everything is the night before. Bonus, a pretty, organized coffee station is something you’ll enjoy even when you don’t have guests!

2. Enticing Scents all day long

I love to add dimension to my home by surrounding my guests with different yummy scents throughout the day, in simple, multi-use ways. You’re probably cooking and cleaning up a little anyway, why not make a lasting impression?

Think ahead about serving food that smells irresistible and your guests will be so busy soaking up the scents, they won’t notice the baskets full of dirty laundry. My standbys are bacon in the morning, roasted garlic during the day to use with rosemary chicken at night.

After every meal, keep those yummy scents coming by cleaning up with sparkling clean fresh scents in your kitchen that surprise and delight. It’s so simple yet incredibly memorable. I promise your guests will comment on how good your house smells.

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3. Pockets of Cozy Around the House

Sometimes a guest will wake up early or stay up late and it’s nice to provide some inviting areas where they can read, check their email or drink a cup of coffee without feeling like they need to cram in between your teenagers on the sectional sofa.

Grab the chair from the attic and tuck it into a quiet corner, add a lamp, a side table and a throw and you have an instant cozy hideaway for your guests. I like to have a few places like this inside and even outside the house to welcome our guests and let them know they have a place in our home.

*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate