Two Tips To A Tidy Home

I want a pretty, meaningful home that serves our family really well, a home that I look forward to coming home to, a home that doesn’t feel like a looming to do list as soon as I walk in the door.

I’m guessing that’s the kind of home you want too.

Here’s the thing. It’s more powerful to change how you think about your home than to change some random habit. Bonus, it’s less work too!

When our thoughts and approach to our home are lined up with our priorities, then the actions come a lot easier.

1. Check Your Mindset

✨”There is more joy to be found in owning less than can ever be found in organizing more.” ✨ I’ve latched onto this quote from Joshua Becker for a few years now.

When I first read these words I desperately hoped they were true, because for years I assumed my problem was that I wasn’t a natural organizer and I needed to learn how to organize better.

Organizing to perfection is one way to have a tidy home, but there’s another perfectly valid way that works great for imperfectionists like us–SIMPLY HAVE LESS STUFF. Praise hands! 🙌🏼

Does that mean I have to get rid of stuff to the point of sadness, emptiness and total lack? No way, why do we automatically take it to that extreme?! It means we’re allowed to keep only the stuff that we adore, the stuff that we truly use and need, and we are free to get rid of the rest.

It means we get to, and need to, be mindful of having ENOUGH.

For the past two years, I’ve tried to live by the motto ’tis better to own less, than organize more. Maybe you are ready to believe that too?

2. Adopt One New Habit

Once I have the right focus–I’m able to put into practice all those fabulous tips that the organizing gurus are sharing!! NOPE. Don’t try to incorporate every good idea at once. Instead focus on one tip that can become a habit.

One of my favorite organizing queens is Marie Kondo, and the one tip of hers that has altered the way I’m able to see what I really have so that I can draw that line at ENOUGH is to 🙌🏼 sort by category, not by location.🙌🏼

Stop the world.

I’ve been decluttering and organizing wrong my entire life and didn’t realize it!

In the olden days I’d pick a room or a drawer or a area and make all sorts of decluttering decisions based on what was in that area. But then, two days later (if was lucky enough to stick with my organizing goals that long) I’d come to another part of the house that held the same kind of stuff, and I made more decisions based on what was in that area.

Don’t do what I did.

Instead of organizing/decluttering all my office supplies at once, I had to organize office stuff three different times, once in the living room when I got to the drawer of Pens N’Stuff, once in the kitchen when I got to the other drawer of Pens N’Stuff and once again when I got to my actual office full of Pens N’Stuff.

Marie taught me to organize all my Pens N’Stuff at one time. Category, not location. GLORY!

This year, instead of starting off with gusto only to leave behind half finished projects, consider picking a new mindset and one new habit to try out in your home.


In the spirit of getting things tidy and clean here’s a brand new freebie for the new year that won’t add to the clutter, but will help keep your home sparkling and smelling 💞🍋.

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  1. Vel Smith says:

    Seriously want to know where that blue tea towel came from. I promised to get rid of 3 from my towel drawer for every 1 I buy of these:)

    • Hi Vel! The towel with the embroidery? Does it look blue on your computer? I think that’s what you’re talking about–it’s beige and even prettier in person–from Anthropologie xo

  2. “Does that mean I have to get rid of stuff to the point of sadness, emptiness and total lack? No way, why do we automatically take it to that extreme?!”

    GOOD WORDS. I think it’s easy to assume something is bad (in this case, minimalism) just because you’re thinking of it in the most extreme way possible. As a Mom to 4 littles, I feel very strongly about the false statement “More is Better.” In many cases, less is actually best.

    Unless we’re talking about dark chocolate. Then more is definitely better.

  3. Julia Amiot says:

    I really appreciate this article. A few years ago I knew I would be moving twice within a year. It motivated me to really go through our things and downsize. I like the kids sea of being organized but it doesn’t come naturally. However, now we are in a place where we have lots of storage, and I’m a little wary. We need to go through our stuff again and I think that organizing by category not location will be key.

    • moving is such a great motivator when it comes to keeping a watchful eye on the amount of our stuff. We haven’t moved in over 4 years (which is rare for us) and I can tell that my house is ready for a purge

  4. Lili Jane says:

    Sadly, I think I have pens/pencils in at least a dozen or more locations. Sigh.

  5. A very good educational and interesting article. Some simple but very good tips at the same time! Thanks!

  6. I have banned myself from office supply stores, because after 44 years of marriage and 63 years of life I have enough pencils/pens/folders/ paper to last the rest of my lifetime and probably yours.

    Now to get them all in one place.
    Thanks for the great article!

    BTW, I love your book. Time for my annual re-read!

  7. nice !

  8. nice and wow !

  9. Some simple but very good tips! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. For a Tidy home, trash can is very important think, these interior design is really awesome.

  11. My praise hands are raised and waving in the air!

  12. Simple but very good tips!

  13. So pen/pencils in ONE AREA FOR WHOLE HOUSE. .? Help me pls

    • Tricia Muehlbauer says:

      I say no…that isn’t practical. I have to do what is efficient and practical. :) Maybe what she means is gather it all and then organize/purge and then put back in the places they belong…

  14. Jul James says:

    The Grove Collaborative seems like a good idea. I sent in my first order, received my box today. Two of my items ordered are not in the box even though they were on the packing slip, so I looked to see what the reviews were on this company.
    Unfortunately, not receiving everything is not uncommon. Also, people commented they they are having difficulty with this company when they want to cancel automatic monthly deliveries. Now I’m so sorry I signed up and placed an order. Beware.

    • Michelle says:

      I also joined the Grove Collaborative, and in no time I was stock pilling things I couldn’t use up in one month. But after, trying to email the company, with no response, I finally just called them and canceled over the phone and it was so simple. I recommend calling them if you wish to cancel. But I have to say I love their products! Hope this helps.

  15. Great article! Sometimes when I purge my “stuff”, I ask myself, What if this fell and broke? Would it break my heart or would I just shrug it off. That helps me part with stuff. Same with clothes. I ask myself if I got a stain on it, how would I feel? This seems to help me as I could easily be a hoarder.

  16. Being someone who gets way too sentimentally attached to things, it is so difficult to keep a place tidy.. I will reeaallyy try to make a habit out of those tips..! Thank you!

  17. I’m so thrilled for the people who want to be tidy people who have overcome their messiness and learned tidy habits.

  18. Thanks for sharing.I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe there will be many people who share my views when they read this article from you!

  19. After reading this article I realized I had at least a dozen receptacles holding pens and other bits and pieces (mostly old chipped cups) so now in the process of “sorting by category” I must admit having a pen /pencil receptacle in the office and one in the living room is good but certainly don’t need 12!!!!!
    Still enjoying your book even though in New Zealand we’re into winter while you’re starting Summer. Lots of good ideas.
    By the way typing on grey screen makes it hard to see what I’m writing. Any way of changing the colour?

  20. How do you organize “by category, not location”? If i knew where all those sewing needles were, i’d quit buying new ones! LOL I’m sure you don’t mean to keep all of your pens (or whatever) in one room, right? That just wouldn’t work unless you have a tiny house.

    We have lived in our current home for nearly 25 years now and may be looking at moving in a year or so. My mom recently died and left us with very little to go thru – purging for years before her “demise”. I aspire to be like her. :)

    I love the idea of a cozy minimalist home!!! My biggest problem is not even knowing what i love. I’ve lived with “hand me down” stuff all my life. We’ve always had rambunctious children around, and big dogs! I noticed the jeans-covered chair in one of the pics and my heart gave a little leap. Hmmmm.

    Those are my tho’ts at the moment! :)

    • LeeAnn Blocker says:

      Sis, you and I must live parallel lives! I am known as Sis, too! I have 4 sons, big dogs, live in a house that my grandfather built for my parents in 1960, and I’m surrounded by hand-me-down everything! I am too sentimental to part with most of it, but my house feels cluttered and is always messy! I am not sure what I love and what I’m just attached to when it comes to my stuff! I would love to hear how you are coming along with your journey to a more minimal home!

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  41. Jeannette says:

    Well call me lazy but I like having “Pens N Stuff” in the kitchen and the living room and the bedroom and the office – that’s where I use them and I don’t want to walk across the house to get a pen – I’ll forget what I wanted to write down before I got there! We moved into a larger home – ugh – because my mother moved in with us and needed a better bedroom and bath than our old house had. Now we have all of her stuff – tons of stuff. That will be mine to divide after she’s gone (she’s 94). Please folks – do it now. Don’t leave it to your kids to do. I can’t declutter with her living with us. How do I get around this? Can I? She doesn’t get the concept of letting go. She feels that she is the caretaker of all of this stuff and can’t get rid of anything. Love your posts!

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