18 Summers

Howdy summer friend!

I miss you and I’m looking forward to hanging out again in the fall.

I’ve got some fun things lined up for you–live events, giveaways, two HUGE makeovers in my own house that are taking over our lives and a big, big project I’ve been working on for months.

But for now, I’m offline.

18 Summers.

Remember how we’ve been counting down the summers since 2012?

Well, we actually got 19 summers with our oldest and after taking a gap year, he’s going off to college (the kind of school that is a PLANE RIDE away from us). So we are enjoying our time with him, finishing up some big projects and I’m learning how to take actual breaks.

Click here to stay in the loop when we start back in the fall.

See you soon!





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  1. Hope you have a lovely summer :)
    x finja ~ http://www.effcaa.com

  2. Kim@Irishman Acres says:

    I miss you!!! But totally get it…. enjoy your summer and can’t wait to see your projects!! ~Kim

  3. inspiring to us all…making time to spend with your children, your home and yourself!

  4. Enjoy your break – there are never regrets in prioritizing what matters most. :)

  5. Enjoy your break – there are never regrets in prioritizing what matters most. :)

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  6. Live more , worry less.

  7. I just can not wait until fall to see the new makeovers and hear more about your decorating and projects. Have a great summer and don’t miss out on anything with that oldest son of yours!

  8. I’m so excited to get to know these makeovers you’re working on! Please share with us whenever you can! =)

  9. Enjoy the summer. Best wishes to you. :D

  10. Hope you have a great time!

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