One Room Challenge Reveal

It’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge!

Welcome! In case you missed it, my One Room is a catch-all back porch addition. It does have heating and air and a bathroom, so even though we call it a porch, it’s actually part of the square footage of our house. And because of the way our driveway is configured, the door in this room serves as the entry way for 99% of the people who come to our house.

When guests walked into our home before the ORC, they were greeted with our washer and dryer and my cleaning supplies along with a bunch of random stuff. Womp, womp.

Now, you walk into the porch and it truly feels like an intentional part of the house.

We’ve got beautiful, bright white, narrow storage in the form of this lovely library to hide all the randomness. And an invisible table that adds a surface without adding visual weight. The rug softens and warms up the tile floor.

The chandelier and the cedar wall really set the tone for a country meets modern feel.

The armoire is the perfect place for jackets, hats extra shoes and random tools that we don’t want to look at.

This room is ALL about the function which honestly, I kind of hated because it was really limiting in my options on what I could use.  In a way it was a really good challenge for me to make the smallest, most function heavy room in our house into a welcoming space. This was the most difficult space I’ve ever had to create.

I debated not incorporating our recycling bin until after the ORC because who wants to look at a trash can during the One Room Challenge, but y’all, this is real life, we recycle and the bin has to go in this room. I felt like you deserved to see it. Luckily I found the perfect option here.

If I’m ever invited to join the ORC again, I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll do a bigger room that doesn’t center around storage. But I’m also really happy that I was able to finish this room with such amazing pieces because now, our entire first floor of this fixer-upper is finished! It’s been three and a half years since we moved in and to have the first floor done is a huge accomplishment.

I cannot believe that this tiny space is so cozy and so finished.

I added in a little quirk with the candleholder from Candelabra, artwork from minted and the porch light fixture — a miniature version of the porch lights on the exterior of our house.

Besides the rug, all of the interest in this room is up high. This room has the highest ceilings in our house and since the room is small, I didn’t want to have much on the floor. So I took advantage of the height and added most of the personality of the room above eye level. It’s a great way to work in style without crowding the precious floor space.

So there’s a lot going on in one area of this room, and not a lot on the other side. In person it really balances itself out since it’s so small and you see it as on cohesive space. Plus it’s very bright in this little room, so even though the rug and cedar wall are dark, the room is full of natural light all day.

We moved the washer and dryer into the little bathroom on the other side of the porch–we removed a shower stall that we never used and it was the perfect size to tuck away the laundry area.

belly baskets // mini cowhide

I’m in LOVE with this cloud art from minted. I think it’s meant to hang sideways but I needed something tall, and clouds look great from every direction. The little garden stool is from Target, but I can’t find it anywhere online.


We love this amazing cowhide chair from Candelabra who went the extra mile to make sure we had a little bit of country represented in our room when the original chair I wanted was out of stock. It’s super well made and sturdy and easy to move around if you are taking off your shoes or just sitting at the little table to clean out your bag.



hand vase

If you have questions, ask in the comments, and check out the previous weeks:

It’s been such fun to transform our little space into something that serves our family so well. I’m eternally grateful for Linda, creator of the One Room Challenge, House Beautiful and the gracious sponsors –without their generous contributions, this room would still look like the cleaning aisle at the grocery store.

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  1. Elizabeth c Gordon says:

    What a peaceful entry to your home! I love the white storage pieces with the beautiful cedar planks on the wall. Crisp and bright with the perfect accessories! A fabulous transformation!

    Betsy Gordon

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I’m loving the white + cedar mix too, it really works well when you walk in from outside with all of our rustic wood buildings on the property.


  2. Kim@Irishman Acres says:

    Okay, you knocked it out of the park with this one. But I never doubted you for a minute! Now I have to come back out and visit this beautiful space…. I’m loving the new trend of these rugs. Thanks (as always) for amazing inspiration… now go rest!! ~Kim

  3. i love how it came together! that hutch is the perfect piece for that space, and love the functionality and thought in everything. and the art is gorgeous!

  4. Now everyone in the world wants a funny little side porch that they can transform. Such functional beauty. I love all the textures and juxtaposition of styles and materials. Too gorgeous. And you had me at cloud art. Taking a break from my ORC room that “should” (maybe) will reveal tomorrow to ooh and ahh at this room! I knew it was going to be a favorite!

  5. Victoria says:

    I love so much about this. The art works great portrait and I think the cedar works well in your country location.
    One thing I’ve been meaning to ask through the ORC, there appears to be a large gap under the door into the kitchen, is there something there I’m missing?

    • Yep, there’s just a large gap under the kitchen door! It was like that when we moved in and we aren’t sure why and we haven’t cared to replace the door!

      • Victoria says:

        Ahh. You could always add a draught excluder, take a few minutes to screw on and would hide the gap with the brush part. Laughing at myself though at how much easier it is to suggest that to you, rather than fit the draught excluder that has been sitting in my garage for a year!

      • Anonymous says:

        It may be there for ventilation purposes.

  6. Love all the organic elements. Bravo on surviving the One Room Challenge and a stunning reveal!

  7. Lisa M. says:

    Beautiful! I love this. I especially love the dark cedar shaker wall with the white furniture. Just gorgeous.

  8. Meredith says:

    I keep scrolling back, but I can’t seem to find a link to that amazing mirror!

  9. Anne Wolking says:

    Absolutely stunning room! You had quite the challenge on your hands and you completely slayed it!

  10. It’s absolutely perfect!!! That white furniture totally pops in the space and that rug is just gorgeous!

  11. Love the cedar wall! The entire space is beautiful! I also was wondering about that mirror! Is it a recent purchase?

  12. Nester,
    This is your best work yet! You keep getting better and better with your editing and styling, but this one takes the cake! That chandelier….what?!!! It almost actually moves me! Anyway, well done! It is amazing to see how your skills have evolved. You’ve arrived!

  13. One of the most spectacular makeovers I have ever seen. Just EXTRAORDINARY!! :-D

  14. What a transformation!! It looks so great! I love it when functional can also be beautiful!

  15. Stephanie McCraw says:

    Wondering the gray paint color used for the door to the kitchen? Thanks

  16. WHAT?? This room is crazy COOL! I can’t believe this room needs to have any function at all except to look/feel gorgeous but it does……perfect mix of brains and beauty!

  17. Amazing transformation! I love the combination of styles.

  18. Beautiful! I love how you took this little space and made it so cozy and inviting…the chandelier is one of my favourites and adore your rug and the way you mixed all the different pieces of furniture to make it feel layered and eclectic!

  19. What a beautiful, interesting, and stylish room! I love that I have never seen a laundry room like this before, and it’s totally you. Bravo!! xo

  20. What kind of plant is in the bucket on the too shelf of the white hutch? It looks so interesting!

    • I wish I could remember the name, Anna. I feel like it had the word ‘monkey” in the name? It’s the only thing I can grow. I’ve got 3 or 4 of them. They come in light green too and start to wilt when they need water. I got most of them from Lowe’s in the indoor plant section

      • It looks like it could be a rabbits foot fern? Love your use of color and especially that chandelier! Great job!

  21. I just checked them all out. I realize it’s not a contest but I have to say that I like yours the best by far. I wouldn’t desire any of the other rooms for myself. My style hasn’t changed with the times. I’ve noticed that bold colors are back along with bright white rooms, and a retro vibe. I still love the neutrals, the rustic feel, and the warmth that you’ve achieved.

  22. Beautiful transformation!!! Would you mind telling us more about the gorgeous tile floor? Where did you find the tile?

    • Hi Katie! I think I have more about the tile in week 2s post–it’s slate tile from Lowe’s Home Improvement–it was all in stock and we’ve used it in both of our bathroom remodels too–it’s a great price and we love it!

  23. It’s got to be one of the prettiest WORKING rooms I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see the chandy all lit up at night. Maybe you can post a picture on Instagram?? And I still can’t believe you found a pretty trash can!

  24. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Beautiful, job! I was wondering what you were going to do with the laundry machines. I think it’s brilliant that you used the old shower space!

  25. Love this space! Youramaze me with your creativity! Love the mix of styles you used.

  26. Itttttts just so delicious. WELL done!

  27. It looks so goooood!

  28. It all came together so well. I do have a question though – where exactly do you enter this space from outside? I see the door to the inside of the house but the exterior??? Maybe I’m just missing it.

    • good question! You can see it better in my week one post–but if you look back up at the photo of the towels hanging on the door–not the one showing the washer & dryer, but the one of the grey door with striped towels, right out of frame to the right is the back door to outside!

  29. So many fabulous details without being all fussy and stuff. The cloud art is lovely. I also especially like the mixture of textures and the cowhide chair.

  30. Love what you’ve done here. I also agree that taking advantage of the height adds lots of personality to a room. It’s also a good way to add style to a small space without making it look crowded and filling up the floor space.

    Elizabeth :-)

  31. Honestly, girl. I’ve been reading about your room transformations for what? 9-10 years now? THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE! What an awesome job you did!! The sponsors are so generous to have made all this possible, and they couldn’t have chosen a better partner than you. Way to go!

  32. Wow! Looks sooooooooo good! And doesn’t it feel just wonderful to have the first floor finished? Now onward and upward to the second floor!!!!!

  33. I think this may be my favorite ORC this time around! I love all the textures and how you mixed different styles and how cozy it looks! It looks fantastic!!

  34. Ok you have now made me love that Arteriors chandelier even more seeing it paired with that cedar wall! I can’t get over it! You made this small space into quite a statement- fantastic work!!

  35. This is just stunning! All of the pieces are beautiful and strike the note of charming, traditional and rustic all at the same time. I’m in love with that square mirror from Target!

  36. The room is beautiful!!! I love your ability to create a space with style and function. Everything came together perfectly.
    I’m curious to know if you had a plan for the room when you started or did it evolve during the process? Did you have time to “quiet” the room? Thanks for sharing ?

  37. I love how you’ve pulled this room together. It seems like a room you want to stop in and linger awhile instead of just passing through. Beautiful job!

  38. Standing Ovation!!!!!!! Blown away.

  39. wow! you really succeeded in making this space beautiful. I never would guess that it is a porch!!!

    I also shared my reveal today, check it out here:

  40. So, so beautiful! I love your style!

  41. Are those Turkish towels hanging on the door? The thin ones? I bought two small ones on Amazon. I like them a lot and wanted to treat myself to good quality bath size. Any recommendations? Thank you!

  42. Michelle says:

    LOVE it!!! So many beautiful, unique and functional pieces. Love the creamy white wood with the cedar. Great job!!!

  43. That room is AWESOME!! Great work!!! At first I thought you had painted the oriental on the porch, it works so well. Where’d you find that rug in that shape???? THANK you for always inspiring me!

  44. Melanie says:

    You’ve always been my favorite, even before you bought this fixer upper or wrote your book or layered your cowhide rugs. Awesome transformation here. Love the form and function in every corner.

  45. Maran Buck says:

    I’ve never posted on your blog but I’ve been following you for year… but I just had to post today! This reveal blew me away! Not trying to be hurtful to the other participants at all but yours was by far my favorite!! Your ideas seemed very out of the box… the furniture seemed waayyyy too big for the space but in fact are perfect for it. And you always seem to blend modern and traditional, quirky and cool with texture and also a classic feel. I can’t even really explain it but I just love your style. Seriously, amazing job on this. Love love love it.

  46. Seriously lovely. Now with everyone coming in that way, they will get to see it. What a nice entrance it is.

  47. The space is truly drop dead gorgeous! I mean EVERYTHING is picture perfect (and functional.) I have missed you. Hope you and your family are doing well. The Lord bless you and keep you. Sherri

  48. Well I’ll tell you what! This is one of my MOST favorite rooms in the ORC ever!! Why?? First, because it is such a unique little room–specifically in its function and purpose. And second, because it is so unique and unexpected. There is something very magical, yet cozy about it. I LOVE it!! Well done!!

  49. It is really perfectly imperfect. There is not one thing i would change. and the bathroom turned laundry room is genius. I know this was a huge undertaking, but secretly I CANNOT wait to see the pool situation outside. And Brace yourself I think this little entry hall is going to make your next barn event SO HUGE!

  50. I love the fact that you selected a space that you typically wouldn’t see in a room redesign. That made your project even more challenging and you did a beautiful job. I especially liked the table and was curious about the source. It’s such a practical addition that can serve so many purposes in just about any room.

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