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Rugs–hard to shop for but SO wonderful when you find the right one, this jute rug will work in any room and with any style Emily gives an update on using it in her home for FIVE years with FIVE children.


Kristin from the Hunted Interior is beyond creative, look at this bathroom shower track with ball chain she used in a recent bathroom renovation.


Creative uses for copper tape–I love ideas like this, not because I go and copy them–although that’s fine, but usually, they cause me to think of using something I already have in a fun and unique way–thanks for this great post Kate!

nest fest

Here’s a roundup of all the vendors who will be here at Nest Fest in TWO WEEKS–grab your early bird tickets here ($10 online, $15 at the door until we sell out).

If you can’t make it to the Nest Fest in North Carolina, maybe you are close to Amanda in Minnesota and can swing by her Vintage prop sale– her style is drop dread lovely.



The email I’ll never forget: wildest dreams and more over at Emily’s place.

jess & angieWorking moms, you’ll love this free video series from Jessica Turner--starting out with the hilarious Angie Smith




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  1. Shut the front door that sale is in my town
    Forest Lake!! Yay for MN style!! Thanks for the
    tip. NOT going to miss this one. The thrill of the
    hunt is so addicting…#thriftingitis

  2. just bought my ticket for nest fest! my daughter and i are coming together and i am so excited… in the past i have never been able to come because my own barn sale operated the third weekend of every month, but this past week, i signed papers and sold my store! i am a free women, and ready for a mother daughter road trip to check this out. looking forward to meeting you, too!

  3. Vendor list.

    Well, I need to draw from savings and just bring my entire Christmas list. Boom. One stop shop. I’m so excited! But I do need to do some planning.

  4. You’re such a doll for mentioning the Copper Tape projects, many thanks my friend!
    Happy fall to YOU!

  5. I just got this in today’s (10/15) email; I didn’t get any of the linked posts in my email. ??

  6. Thanks for sharing the tips and the link. All in one post. Wonderful!

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