Quick and Easy DIY Cabinet Legs

cabinet legs


I’ve had this little section of cabinets in my kitchen for a few years now and have been waiting forever for inspiration for the right legs.


See back there how the cabinets looked like they were floating?

They were held up by little black legs that came with the Ikea cabinets. Plenty strong to hold them up, but not pretty, even if you could see them. I knew I didn’t want a toe kick, but I never could figure out what I wanted there and it just wasn’t at the top of my to do list.

cabinet leg ideas DIY

Until we had a photo shoot scheduled and they wanted to do a closeup of this area and I knew I needed to have actual feet, and I knew I wanted them to be surprising and amazing and perfect for our little rustic/modern/quirky/farmhouse-ish.

So I went out to the woodpile (yep we have a few) and grabbed some branches, Chad cut them and I painted them with whatever leftover white paint I had around the house and then I slid them under the cabinets. They aren’t even attached, they are just for show. They love their job and they are really good at it.

DIY qurky cabinet legs

And now they are my favorite part of the kitchen, and they were FREE!


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  1. I’ll have to keep these tips in mind as my wife and I are looking to improve our cabinets’ look. We aren’t quite sure exactly what we need to do, but I think that this will work fine given the way our cabinets already look. Do you have any other tips, particularly about building a new cabinet?

  2. I love the concept and it is unique and amazing.

  3. Great choice of colors. You’ve got style!

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