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This INTJ is the kind of girl who, in the past, might roll her eye at the #appreciateyourself movement, but the truth is, that’s exactly the attitude that got me sleeping in a room tripping over an old 1980s TV.

Artist, Author and Lady Boss, Kathy Davis has one of the best taglines around:: Create A Life You Love. It’s been her battle cry for ages.

Kathy’s gentle reminder to #appreciateyourself is something I neglected for too long. Today I’m sharing one small way I decided to take her advice.

This is my story….


If you’ve been around here very long you know that we are in our 14th home–hopefully we are here to stay awhile.

In those early years when we were moving often (like moving every year or so) I fell into a really bad habit that I still regret.

When it came to setting up our house in our new place I’d focus on all the public rooms first and then, if I found the time, money and energy, I’d work on our bedroom.

In our last home, just five years ago, a TV sat on the floor of the bedroom for months. MONTHS.

I was purging, but then lost steam and that boxy TV just sat there waiting for me to get to it.

I didn’t bother to hang drapes or art, and our bedroom consisted of all the leftover furniture in the house. It was pretty depressing.

Here’s the evolution of our bedroom in our last house, a rental.


3 photos


Now there’s no turning back for me. When we moved to this house, the bedroom was one of the first rooms that felt complete.


I’ve come to appreciate the difference in my life when I make the effort to do something for me, even if no one else can see it.

You don’t have to spend every day like Tom and Donna in order to appreciate yourself.

treat yo self

Simply creating a home where you can feel relaxed and inspired is a lovely way to appreciate yo self.

For me, having a pretty bedroom is one small way I make sure my own oxygen mask is secured before I start helping others.



Having a pretty bedroom doesn’t mean I have to knock down walls and start over, it simply means I appreciate myself enough to pay attention.

Maybe I’ll hang those drapes I’ve had folded away, light some candles and allow myself to use some pretty bedding (this set was even created by Kathy Davis herself, it’s called “Solitude” which is the perfect name).

The peace and beauty we bring to our surroundings can inspire how we begin and end each day.

I know you’ve been wondering about the giveaway, and of course it’s something that will help you take one tiny step towards appreciating yourself.

Enter to win a set of Kathy Davis bedding (like what I’m using on our bed–it’s reversible and I love it mixed with neutral patterns and textures!).



KATHY DAVIS™ & Nesting Place Bedding Giveaway




This post is graciously sponsored by Kathy Davis, the trusted voice of heartfelt connection. For 25 years she has helped us find just the right words to offer comfort, share joy and celebrate life with the ones we love.


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  2. Our bedroom is our haven of rest. I love escaping there every single evening….ahhhh.

  3. I have done the exact same thing in our last few houses- common area before bedroom. It’s time for change! Thanks for the inspo!

  4. Can you tell us where you got those furry pillows? Thank you!

  5. Yes PLEASE tell us where to find those pillows!!! They are wonderful!!!
    Seriously crushing! <3

  6. We’ve moved about 8 times in 13 years. We are finally in a more stable housing situation. I always do the gathering rooms first too, and stop decorating the rest when it’s “good enough”. Our bedroom was my project earlier this year, but then the hot water heater flooded and we had to get new flooring! Thanks for this post…I need to get back to the original plan and finish that space so my husband and I have a place to rest :)

  7. Bedroom related – I’ve been wondering if you still like your Leesa mattress? We need a new mattress, like yesterday, and I want to get a really good one. A little nervous to spend that much though if it isn’t going to last for a long time!

    • We’ve had our Leesa mattress for a year now and I still 100% love it! Highly recommend, it’s the best mattress we’ve ever had, and you get something like 3 months to sleep on it and decide if you like it or not, and you can return it if not.

  8. Wow! I love the Kathy Davis Brands! The sites are awesome. Her artwork is so fresh and beautiful. It would be really something to have some of her signature bedding. Thanks for the chances to win.

  9. cindy b. says:

    thank you so much for the reminder! I need to go give my bedroom some attention – just tidying up and getting stuff OUT that does not belong! :-)

  10. I love that bedding, so beautiful. Those colors are so perfect for my bedroom. And yes, I’m one of those that has done every room except my bedroom, and it’s so depressing. But I promised myself that this was the year to do something for myself. And I WILL! Thanks for tbe chance to win.

  11. First, the Parks and Recreation meme made me laugh out loud! Love that show so much. Second, like you we’ve been movers as well; thanks to the Navy we’ve lived in 11 different homes from east coast to west coast and even an island in the Pacific. Our bedroom has always been the last to become livable. We have finally made our room a priority. After 25 years of marriage it’s about time!

  12. What is an INTJ?

  13. Ditto! We’ve been in our home for 7 years. Our television is still perched precariously on a too-short table underneath a Christmas painting that I just never found a place to store. My husband’s lamp is an embarrassment. We have a black lab who sleeps with us so I’m hesitant to spend money on bedding that I love, which would be light and airy like yours, because of the dog hair. Your bedroom is gorgeous!

  14. Your bedroom, as it is now, is my favorite room that you have ever showed us. The comforter, the wall hanging, the pillows, and the chandelier are just amazing together!

  15. Thank you for beautiful ideas. i love decor elements, especially the hanged kind of net on top of bed. i love the carpet aswell. very quircky and vintage ideas.

  16. Lovely~

  17. I totally agree with you! We have to appreciate ourselves! We have to feel good in our bodies in order to pass this good vibe forward to our families or friends. Whether we’ll be renovating our homes, signing up for a massage session or any other thing we love doing, it charges us with a positive energy, which can be felt by the people in our environment.
    Congratulations for the beautiful bedroom, it looks amazing and very stylish!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Paula Pierce

  18. We’ve had far fewer homes in my adult life (we’re now on #6). MIL was added to the household immediately following our most recent move. Two yrs later, I have a defined plan after seeing how we needed to live in this newer space. The list: long overdue full kitchen reno (cabinets falling apart, poorly functioning lefty layout, mice issues=yuck, cramped cooking quarters =1 butt kitch as my DH’s grandmother would call it); relocation of laundry; conversion of family & utility rooms to an IL suite/apt (studio set up for bed & living rms, apt kitchen, 3/4 bath, clothes closet & utility closet); flooring- eldest DS’s room, huge mudroom; paint projects- 5 bedrms, 3 bathrms, mudrm, living & dining rms, sunrm, craft/office, stairways & hallways on all 3 levels; addition of WIC & shower to master nest; deck off sunrm; redo crumbling driveway; front patio addition. All areas need decorated…we’ve lived with nearly blank walls or my very random hangings on previous owners nails. In light of this poignantly timed post, I’m moving up the Master Nest project to right after the IL suite conversion. In the meantime, I’ll do all the free & next to free things to it I can to make it the haven DH & I so deserve. We need that peaceful rejuvenating space to be all that it can be, so we can keep all our plates spinning to their fullest. Thank you so very much for sharing this gem!!!

  19. Thank you so very much for sharing this gem with us!

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