Curious Faith

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PS, this is my favorite wall in Logan’s house!

Ok, now to Logan…

headboard bench

“Does this work?”

“Can this go?”

“How does this make me feel?”

So often in decorating and home design, the question is really, “How do I make this feel like me?”

Learning to decorate with curiosity is more about uncovering a potential success than it is afraid of possible failure.

Curiosity asks questions and gives permission to try new things.


blessed curious

Part of uncovering what reflects you in your home is learning to ask questions of yourself and the type of space you want to create.

So ask yourself, how you want to feel in your home.

Because the chances are, if you are curious about the emotions your space can evoke, then you can begin to make decisions that will trend your decor towards achieving those feelings.



I’ve turned an old door sideways on top of a mantel to add texture and added a bench to the front of an old headboard to create interest.

My husband is a hunter and while I’m glad to display his prizes, I wanted to make it look prettier, so one day I turned an old frame sideways to go around the plain bird on the wall.

The same risk you take that you fear could lead you to failure, just might be the road to fantastic success!

photo collage

When you explore the content of your life through the content of your home, you’ll find that the stories you live and tell become richer as they are reflected in multiple mediums around you.

French novelist Marcel Proust said that “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

How might a new set of eyes and a renewed sense of curiosity about your own life begin to transform the landscape of your space?


What stories could you tell by giving yourself the freedom to be curious in the space you call home?



Screenshot 2015-12-01 18.42.51

Logan’s first book, Curious Faith releases today and is all about rescuing the now. It’s about exploring possibility with a God who is unlimited, unpredictable, and ever-loving. It’s time to overcome feelings and outside circumstances that inhibit growth and rob you of home. Let’s pursue curiosity to enjoy the wonder of an open-handed life, a life of Curious Faith.


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  1. I love this! Sometimes I want to follow trends that just aren’t ME and I have to remind myself that it is MY home and MY family and it is needs to reflect us, not the current trend.

  2. I love the pillows in the chair, can I ask where you got them?

  3. I’ve always thought that decoration should be an expression of your inner self. We should not follow trends, just do what pleases our soul. Great post!

  4. The “how does this feels” is important to me, after changing a room i like to walk out of it and walk back in the room. That moment when i walk in the room gives me a feeling

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