Weekend Links

IKEA-studio-organization-14An Easy Armoire Makeover // House Tweaking

string-heart-3Graphic Tied Heart // A Subtle Revelry


mms-4017-1Successful Houseplants // Mustard Seed Interiors

Is Consuming Less the Answer to Creating More // Darling Magazine


Strawberry-Coconut-Milk-2A Tasty Strawberry Coconut Milk Recipe // The Glitter Guide


gretchen-rubinPodcast ep. 20: Better Than Before with Gretchen Rubin // The Simple Show


new-barbie-body-shape-curvy-7See All the New Barbies From Curvy to Tall and Petite // Time


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.50.41 AMDon’t miss the Hope*Writers free online masterclass by Emily on Monday, February 8th at 8:30 pm EST, or Friday, February 19 at 12 noon EST:

“How to Write Your First Book Proposal (even if you are clueless about publishing)”.

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  1. What a surprise to see my post featured here. Thanks! :)

  2. The white heart on a black wall would be..magic! Great idea for the bedroom :)

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