Weekend Links You Don’t Want to Miss

balloon-drop-7NYE Balloon Drop with Glitter Balloons // A Subtle Revelry



23554995651_b195096f1d_zPainted Stone Fireplace Update // Most Lovely Things


Faux+Wallpaper-+Gold+Paint+Marker+Mural+-+gracelacedFaux Wallpaper: Gold Paint Marker Mural // Gracelaced


If you follow me on instagram, we’ve been chatting it up about This Book, and then there was an offshoot discussion about the podcast Tsh did with Megan where for a few mintues they talked about how different Meyers-Briggs personality types approach the ideas behind the book. It’s hilarious and here’s a link to the podcast. At least that’s how I remember it, I listened to it months ago…


nesting place bookThe Kindle version of The Nesting Place is only $1.99 on Amazon!

Why I Don’t Watch Fixer Upper // Giving Up on Perfect {if you can’t see the video, click here}

red letter wordsWeekend links brought to you by the Kasberger family at Red Letter Words: Truth as Art

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  1. I love that your cat is in the picture of your book. Cute kitty. And hello! Thank you for sharing my post!!!

  2. Thank you so much for including our painted stone fireplace. As I read your blog I realize it is a pretty good example of “It doesn’t have to be perfect…” When we first bought our house I was sure we would demo it before even moving in, but then after realizing the cost and time it would take, we decided to paint it white and have never looked back. You are so right, “Embrace the imperfect” Thank you!

    • Annie, it’s just absolutely lovely! Years ago, we had a fireplace like that, with weird colored rocks and I felt helpless, seeing your photo of your would have been the biggest encouragement EVER!

  3. Just catching up on my feedly blog posts and I’ve got to say, I love that Money Pit clip, so funny!

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